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Working as a Nanny or other childcare professional, you’ll know that one of the highlights in any job working with children is that every day is different! When you arrive at work at the start of your day, you could not possibly predict what marvels the little person whose care is entrusted to you will come up with over the course of the day. A funny phrase, a new favourite song, a precious smile or those very first steps. From newborn to teen, they have the power to delight and amaze. (And frustrate and irritate, but we’ll be ignoring those moments for now!).

“Imagine waking up each day to a different job, a new child to get to know, a new location to explore – a new family to help with their childcare needs. It’s kind of like being Mary Poppins for the day, every day – or at least that’s how our team members here at British Nannies explain how they feel about their job as an Emergency Nanny!” British Nannies, 2017 

Working as a Emergency Nanny with British Nannies

Our Emergency Nannies receive assignments from British Nannies on a day by day basis, and their first task even before they arrive at the family’s home is to make a phone call to introduce themselves to the parents, as well as to reassure them and set their minds at rest that their child is going to be safely, lovingly cared for during the booking. The parents mind need a helping hand because their usual Nanny is on holiday, because their child is unwell and cannot attend nursery or school, or one of the parents has a business trip – there are a multitude of reasons. Being able to confirm during the introductory call that they are a trained and experienced childcare professional really gives the parents that peace of mind they are looking for.

Complete training to gain skills and confidence

However in addition to that reassurance, undertaking a formal course in childcare such as Babyem’s Common Core Skills in addition to Paediatric First Aid training means that our Nannies will know what to do during a booking when things are going well but also, crucially, what to do when that worst nightmare becomes reality and something goes wrong. A toddler falling off a scooter, a baby developing a temperature, concern about a child’s emotional wellbeing – would you know what to do? And, back to marvels – that’s what our team of Nannies are – for us, and for the families who they provide childcare for at the drop of a hat. It’s always a pleasure for us to pass glowing feedback on to our team for a placement they’ve undertaken, and a joy to hear how much the British Nannies service means to parents in need.

If you have experience caring for children – whether as a Nanny, a maternity nurse, teacher, or any similar profession – and you’d like either some additional variety outside of your current job, or you’d like to work  full-time as an Emergency Nanny, why not contact British Nannies today?

Some of our team of Nannies only work for us occasionally, some during school holidays, some every day of the week – the choice is entirely yours. We’re a lovely team (honest!) and in addition to pursuing a valuable and interesting career, we also offer great rates of pay and employment benefits. We will also support you with further training through Babyem, and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet other like-minded childcare professionals.

You can either register with us online at www.british-nannies.watuapp.com, or email us at hello@british-nannies.co.uk if you’d like further information. We’ll also be running a “Meet the Team” event in London, so watch this space if you’d like to come and have a cup of tea and talk childcare with other professionals.

Freya Smith, Managing Director

British Nannies