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Managing Children's Behaviour Course

This course is suitable for childcare professionals such as nannies, au pairs and childcare practitioners. This course helps candidates gain an insight into the stages of children’s development and how they can appropriately support a child’s developmental progress.

The course focuses on behaviour and what is acceptable and appropriate, and how children’s behaviour can be enriched and supported with the aid of successful routines. This one day course will provide confidence in a candidates abilities to identify appropriate reactions to children’s behaviour and appropriate steps to control the situation.

Managing Children’s Behaviour Course

Course Date & Details

Venue: 147c Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0TH

Cost: £85

Time: 9.30am-1.30pm

Date: 23rd September

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  • To develop a greater understanding of child development.
  • To explore children’s behaviour and contributing factors that may impact a child’s behaviour.
  • To identify approaches and techniques to deal with unwanted behaviour
  • To explore how one’s own behaviour may have an impact on a child.
End of Course qualifications
  • Develop an awareness of children’s development.
  • Have an understanding of the types of behaviour children may display and reasons behind this.
  • Be confident in using a range of methods when dealing with unwanted behaviour and how to nurture positive behaviour.
  • Be able to use reflective practice techniques to enhance positive behaviour in children.

A certificate of attendance is provided to candidates at the end of the course.

Babyem Training Team

Jackie buckely

Jackie Buckley, Early Years Practitioner, Childcare Trainer & Life Coach

Jackie is a qualified Early Years Practitioner, Assessor, Trainer, and Life Coach who has over 25 years in the early years/care and education sectors. Jackie manages a large nursery and has experience as a certified trainer for Babyem and within the childcare sector.