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      Maternity Nurse Training Courses - OCN London Levels 3 & 4 Manchester

      Our popular Maternity Nurse Training qualification supports those wanting to become Maternity Nurses or those already working with babies an opportunity to develop their skills. From 2017 we are excited to be delivering our training in Manchester and further supporting candidates to gain work experience throughout the North of England.

      In addition to our course we deliver practical aspects of working as a Maternity Nurse, including sourcing work. Our November 2017 course will be joined by the Director from Nanny & Co, who will be discussing the practicalities of working as a Maternity Nurse and answering any questions candidates have.

      As part of our training we work with a number of agencies and organisations to support learners to take part in our new born placement programme supporting parents with babies 0-3 months. Although this scheme is optional (and free), we find it is hugely beneficial to candidates as it allows learners to put theory into practice and gain skills and confidence.


      Find out more about our Maternity Nurse Work Experience scheme, browse current placement opportunities or take a look at how our award-winning Maternity Nurse Training has helped candidates gain paid employment – as reported in the leading childcare industry magazine, Nursery World.

      Why complete your Maternity Nurse Training with Babyem?



      Voted number 1 training agency by the independent review site freeindex


      Private consultations with leading Maternity Agencies


      Courses delivered by renowned industry experts


      Instalment plans available

      Maternity Nurse Training Course Details

      Level 3 & 4 Maternity Nurse Training Course Dates & Details

      Venue: Mercure Manchester Piccadilly, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4PH

      Time: 9am – 5pm and Sunday 9am – 5pm

      2018 Dates: We have NO definite dates in Manchester as of the moment.

      Cost: £475pp incl VAT for Level 3; £640pp incl VAT for Level 4

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.

      Level 3:

      Full Payment of £475   3 Payments of £164   6 Payments of £88

      View course dates and book online

      Level 4:

      Full Payment of £640   3 Payments of £219   6 Payments of £110

      View course dates and book online

      Maternity Nurse Training Course Content

      How do we structure our Maternity Nurse Course?

      We deliver our attendance part of the course at level 4 (foundation degree standard). Candidates then have the flexibility to choose to complete the post course assessment at level 3 or level 4, where they have 7 weeks to complete this before emailing the completed assignment back to us.

      We also offer free webinar sessions for groups in order to further explore topics delivering throughout the training and continue their professional development.

      Maternity Nurse Training course topics

      Sleep in newborns 

      • Sleep requirements of babies and sleep cycles
      • Signs of tiredness in babies
      • Common mistakes people make when supporting babies to sleep
      • Infant brain development
      • Review of different philosophies and approaches regarding sleep
      • Gentle (evidence-based) sleep techniques to encourage babies to self-settle/sleep through the night
      • Infant soothing techniques
      • Sudden infant death syndrome, sleep in newborns

      Health & care of newborns

      • Infant skin problems
      • Erythema toxicum, jaundice, breast abnormalities, umbilical cord care, amount of nappies (as a guide to health in newborns)
      • Bathing and changing newborns

      Colic & Reflux in babies

      • Symptoms of colic, non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment for colic
      • Symptoms of reflux (including physiological reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease)
      • Treatment for reflux and knowing when to see a specialist

      Meningitis & other serious illness

      • Signs and symptoms of serious illness in babies
      • Meningitis – signs and symptoms
      • When to seek help

      Premature, sick and low birth weight babies

      • The effects on parents and babies
      • Chronological vs. corrected age
      • Particular areas of concern post-discharge
      • How maternity nurses can help to care for premature babies and provide support to parents

      Breastfeeding and other feeding methods

      • Maternal Anatomy
      • How babies feed, including infant suckling/sucking
      • How to ensure the correct positioning and attachment of baby onto the breast
      • Getting milk supply set up correctly and building up the supply
      • Feeding patterns and how to tell a good feed
      • How to implement a sustainable feeding routine
      • Breastfeeding difficulties including cracked nipples, nipple trauma, engorgement, mastitis and thrush
      • Expressing milk, including methods and when to do this
      • Supplementing feeds, including reasons to supplement and how to effectively do this.
      • Bottle feeding, including pace feeding and how to prepare and store bottles.
      • Implications of mixed feeding

      Health and care of postnatal Mums

      • Potential issues after a vaginal or caesarean birth and how to support a mother as  a Maternity Nurse
      • Signs and symptoms of postnatal mood disorders
      • Bleeding – what’s normal or not
      • Lifting, moving and exercising
      • Diet and rest

      Working as a Maternity Nurse – (this section is delivered by a guest speaker from a leading Maternity Agency)

      • Finding employment as a Maternity Nurse (or other related fields caring for newborns) and setting rates
      • Contracts
      • Interviews & creating a winning CV
      • Finding employment as a Maternity Nurse (or other related fields caring for newborns) and setting rates
      • Working with agencies and marketing yourself
      • Gaining Newborn Experience – OPTIONAL maternity work placement programme.
      Why complete your Maternity Nurse Training with Babyem?

      We are proud to be voted the number 1 training agency, out of 6411 by FreeIndex, based on over 60 independent ratings.

      We understand the importance of putting theory into practice and operate a free maternity training scheme, working with agencies, associations, hospitals and universities throughout the UK.

      We are the only training agency to have a specialist multi-agency team. Our postnatal Maternity Nurse Training is delivered by a UK leading lactation consultant and sleep specialist who has written policies and best practice guidance for the premature baby charity Bliss.

      Our Maternity Nurse Training is promoted in industry magazines such as Nursery World.

      Maternity Nurse Training Assessment
      We recognise that for many people completing the maternity qualification may feel anxious about the assignment, especially if they haven´t studied for a long time. We also recognise that many individuals would like to take a part in an advanced maternity course with the option of completing the assignment at the level that suits them. Our approach to training is flexible and affordable. Our 2 day intensive Maternity Nurse Training course is degree level and candidates can than choose to complete the post course maternity nurse assessment at a level 3 (A – level standard) or level 4 (degree standard) through Open College Network. Our students also have the benefit of being able to upgrade their maternity nurse qualification at a later date if they would like to (only paying the difference). The assessments consist of a series of essay-based questions based on the subjects taught during the attendance based course, also practical assessments which take place during the course.
      We provide access to up-to-date research
      Candidates have access to the Babyem resource file, which includes videos, articles, journals and recommended books, webinars and websites.
      How long do we have to complete the course assessment?
      Candidates are emailed a study pack, after the course and are given 7 weeks to complete the assessment questions, before sending the completed answers back to us by email. We are happy to provide assistance with course work by email and phone.
      Do you provide additional support? We are happy to provide additional support to anyone that needs it, please do let us know how we can assist you by calling us on 0208 986 9008.

      Our Maternity Nurse Training is attended by professionals from a varied backgrounds such as those working as Childminders, Nannies, Nurse Nurses, Health Professionals and Midwives. We do require candidates to have at least 2 year’s baby experience (including newborn experience) before attending this course and contact all learners before the course.

      Maternity Nurse Training Payment Options

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.

      Directions to Venue


      Mercure Manchester Piccadilly, Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4PH

      Tel: 0844 815 9024



      This Manchester hotel is only 9 miles from Manchester airport and half a mile from Manchester Piccadilly railway station and the MEN Arena. The hotel is half a mile from Manchester Piccadilly railway station (12 minutes walking distance or 5 minutes taxi ride) and the MEN Arena. Manchester Airport, 9 miles away. Hop on the tram to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United, or catch local City.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can we complete the level 3 assessment and then complete the level 4 assessment at a later date?

      We pitch our 2 day course at level 4 as feedback from our candidates is that they like to be learning new things during the course and be pushed intellectually.  After the 2 day course candidates can choose to complete the level 3 assessment paper or the level 4 assessment paper. If you have chosen to complete the course at a level 3, you can go on at a later date and complete the level 4 assessment paper, and only pay the difference i.e. £175.

      Will this course help me get a Maternity Nurse training job at the end?

      Babyem is a not a recruitment agency, however, we work with a number of leading Nanny and Maternity Agencies in the field (you can find a list of our recommended agencies HERE) and provide support with CV writing as a basic service to all our candidates.

      Does Babyem work with maternity agencies?

      We always have a Maternity Nurse consultant come along from leading agencies such as Eden Nannies and Greycoat Lumleys to talk to candidates about the practical aspects of working as a Maternity Nurse including creating a winning CV, payment, becoming self employed, maintaining confidentiality and maintaining boundaries. Many candidates state how beneficial it is to meet agency representatives face to face and gain valuable advice. In addition, a number of the representatives that come along have worked as Maternity Nurses and are able to share their personal experiences.

      Does the Babyem newborn placement scheme support candidates to get paid employment?

      Different agencies like you to have different amounts of newborn experience before taking you on their books. Our newborn maternity placement scheme enables candidates to get newborn experience with the support of an experienced childcare team to help them every step of the way. We receive referrals from a wide range of charities and organisations, from the National Childcare Trust (NCT) to Great Ormond Street Hospital, and from multiples groups such as Twins UK to Local Authorities. Placements are a fantastic opportunity to build skills, develop confidence and become more employable!

      Work Experience Scheme

      Babyem supports candidates who have attended the Maternity Nurse Training course to gain work experience. We work closely with a range of organisations including NCT groups, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the national multiples groups TAMBA and Twins UK.

      Our maternity nurse placement scheme provides an invaluable service to parents in the first 3 months of having a baby as well as supporting newly qualified maternity nurses to gain confidence and develop their skills.

      All candidates have access to our work placement opportunities with 85% of candidates reporting that this experience has helped them gain employment within the first 6 months of completing the course.

      Working in partnership with:


      img_logoTWINS UK logo web
      great ormond street hospital

      Lyndsey Hookway, Lactation Consultant, Sleep Specialist. Maternity Nurse Training teacher

      Lyndsey Hookway

      BSc; RNC; HV; IBCLC

      Lyndsey is an experienced paediatric nurse, health visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Having trained under Chireal Shallow of the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic, Lyndsey now runs a successful sleep consultancy service ‘Little Sleepers’. Lyndsey has spoken at several national conferences on breastfeeding, sleep and supporting families and has written a number of published articles. She is a consultant for a premature baby charity where she has written policies and delivered training to health professionals on family centred care.

      Vanessa Christie Maternity Nurse Trainer

      Vanessa Christie


      Vanessa Christie is a registered Lactation Consultant, Registered Health Visitor, Registered Nurse (Children) and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She has worked with thousands of families over the last 16 years in a variety of settings including acute paediatric medical and surgical wards, neonatal intensive care and neonatal special care units, GP surgeries, children’s centres, schools, nurseries and private homes.

      Having worked as a Public Health Specialist Breastfeeding Lead for the Central London Healthcare NHS Trust, Vanessa designed and implemented breastfeeding training to GPs, Health Visitors, Midwives, Nursery Nurses and Maternity Nurses.

      Rated 1st out of 6,678 UK Training Companies

      But don’t take our word for it…



      5/5 star ‘excellent’ rating from 90 independently verified reviews


      My confidence has grown enormously!

      I have been in childcare for over 16 years. I recently updated my maternity and breastfeeding skills through their maternity training course. Within two weeks I was chosen to work with twins aged 3 weeks through their work experience scheme which was great. Through further daily work experience with Babyem families, my confidence and knowledge has grown enormously after 4 years! Thank you Babyem!

      Elena Windsor, 2014


      Very professional with excellent aftercare service.

      Babyem training is fantastic, very thorough with an excellent aftercare service for any questions you may have. As a company I have always found them to be very professional with a wide range of training services offered. I have attended the maternity nurse training and advanced breastfeeding course so far which was in-depth and will equip me for my future endeavours.

      Reshma Patel, 2014


      Jam packed with information, tools and goals.

      AMAZING! I cannot recommend this two day Maternity Nurse Course enough, both Lyndsey and Emma are a fountain of knowledge and they relay their wisdom and experience to the group so well; they don’t patronise or make you feel silly. The course is jam packed with information, tools and goals. They also enlisted the help of a well known agency who talked about becoming self employed, contracts, gaining work and much more! I cannot wait to put what I have learnt to use and already thinking about booking my next course with them! A huge thank you x

      Jayne Morey, 2015


      The placements helped me gain paid work!

      This company lives up to its reputation of being very professional and knowledgeable. Did the level 4 MNT course, the tutor was amazing and really knowledgeable, and being in a 5* hotel was great too. Best of all, I was placed with 2 families with twins and through that have got paid work! Thank you to the whole of the Babyem team. X.

      Claire Rodgers, 2014