OCN Care of Multiples & Premature Babies

This Care of Multiples & Premature Babies course is delivered by a UK leading Paediatric Osteopath and experienced Maternity Nurse & Babycare consultant. The course is ideal for Maternity Nurses, Nannies and Health Professionals who are currently caring for multiple and preterm babies.

Our Paediatric Osteopath, Zoe Mundell will explore the effects of prematurity on babies and children, including the physical effects on skin, bone, sensory organs, digestive system, heart, lungs and central nervous system.

We will also explore the potential complications of being born premature, including cerebral palsy, seizures, neuro – behavioural disorders; as well as the emotional effects on the family.

Maternity Nurse, Mary Ashton, will be providing practical guidance on how to move preterm babies forward and how to care for multiples.



I did materninty nurse training in November 13, I have worked with children since 1986, I found the traing very interesting and it was given at a nice steady pace with time for questions, I would high…
K. Macaulay
The course was very useful! I think it will support my application to university very well and has cemented my desire to work with women and children.
S. Jackson
I am a qualified nurse and midwife but now working as a trained Maternity nurse. I got to know about Babyem through internet and when I called to make enquiries about other courses in childcare, Babye…
F. Belvedere
After 28 years working as a maternity nurse I wanted to upgrade my skills and CV. This was the perfect course! The teacher was a fountain of knowledge and kept the learning at a steady pace. I also me…
N. Burnley
Babyem has helped me to get work placements with twins, which has been useful where getting attention from agencies is concerned. One of my work placements has turned into a paid opportunity! It would…
G. Mcleod
Very useful and enjoyable. Lyndsey our training teacher was lovely, I have learned so many things, I really needed her to build up my knowledge. I find breastfeeding particularly useful, because I thi…
N. Trajanova

Care of Multiples & Premature Babies Course Details

Course Dates & Details

Venue: London Marriott Hotel Kensington, 147c Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW5 0TH

Cost: £185pp (instalment plans are available – please contact us for more information)

Time: 10am – 5pm

Courses in 2017: 23rd September

View course dates and book online below:

Care of Multiples & Premature Babies Course Content

Morning session – understanding prematurity 

Module 1: Introduction to prematurity

  • The prevalence of prematurity and admissions into neonatal care, including the different levels of care provided.

Module 2: Risk factors for prematurity 

  • Exploration of factors such as infection, malformation, maternal pathology, preeclampsia or HELLP syndromes, uterine anomalies, multiple births and uterine bleeding during pregnancy, cervical insufficiency, polyhydramnios, early contractions positional anomalies, premature rupture of membrane, drug abuse (including nicotine and alcohol) and psychosocial issues.

Module 3: Physical effect of being born premature 

  • Analysis of how the baby’s body is effected including the skin, bones, sensory organs, digestive system, heart, lungs and central nervous system.
  • Exploration of potential problems that can be encountered when the baby is discharged, including respiratory issues, poor growth, gastro-oesophageal reflux and complex nutritional and gastrointestinal disorders.

Module 4: Emotional effect of being born premature

  • Exploration of the emotions mothers and families might feel.
  • The role of the partner and how postnatal carers can provide support. 

Module 5: Complications of prematurity

  • Exploration of potential complications associated with prematurity including cerebral palsy, seizures, neuro- behavioural disorders. 
  • Potential delay or regression in development and what to look out for. 

Afternoon session – postnatal care of preterm and multiple babies

Led by experienced Maternity Nurse with multiples focus, Mary Ashton. This part of the course will focus on supporting candidates to develop their practical skills caring for preterm and multiple babies.

Module 6: Understanding different baby temperaments & child development

  • Understanding the corrective age of preterm babies and how long this is in force for and why.
  • Understanding the importance of the Individualised Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAPand the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) and what as postnatal carers we should be aware of.  
  • How to effectively put practical things in place in the home environment.
  • How to give parents the confidence to move on from “the premature baby “phase.
  • Understanding the postnatal carers role in quickly ascertaining the child’s individual requirements and character.

Module 7: How to care for pre term and multiples

  • Exploration of the importance of routine for premature and multiple babies.
  • The benefits of massage for preterm babies.
  • Setting up the home environment sleeping areas.
  • Individual needs, separation anxiety and the trauma of pre term babies.
  • Unravelling pre term babies.

Module 8 – Supporting pre term and multiples to sleep 

  • The importance of sleep in preterm babies.
  • Sleep patterns and behaviour and it’s knock on effects for growth both mentally and physically.
  • How to provide a safe and secure environment for sleep, including how to position babies when sleeping.

Module 9 – Supporting pre term and multiples to feed

  • Effective feeding positions for preterm and multiple babies.
  • Problems that may occur due to factors such as physical disabilities, heart conditions, reflux etc…
  • Caring for sick babies including – overview of apnea monitors, giving medication to babies, NG tube feeding, portable oxygen and sats monitors, chronic lung diseases and what to avoid.
  • Complex feeding problems, such as cleft pallet and tongue tie.
  • Length of feeds in your routine.
  • Should you “Dream Feed”?

Understanding which equipment you need in order to compliment all areas of sleep, bathing and feeding routines.

Course Structure & Assessment

Course length: This is a one day attendance based course, after which candidates have 5 weeks to complete the online assessment. The course is engaging and practical, using dolls to help candidates to feel comfortable handling multiples, especially in areas such as tandem breastfeeding. The course also includes a variety of learning tools such as real life case studies, videos, presentations, discussions, and the opportunity to view a range of equipment to ensure candidates feel confident in supporting a new mother

The Care of Multiples & Premature Babies course is accredited at level 3 through Open College Network London. On successful completion of the assessment, candidates will receive their results and certificate.

Support: We provide ongoing support to all our learners through telephone/email, and are happy to answer any queries candidates may have.


We strongly recommend that candidates have experience caring for pre term and multiples before attending this course.

To complete the assessment candidates must ensure their computer meets the minimum requirements as refunds cannot be given once enrolled. These requirements include:

  • Internet access and a working email address that we can contact you on Word Processing package such as Microsoft
  • Word in order to complete the assessment
  • Up to date internet browser such as: internet google/safari/ chrome/firefox etc…
  • Ability to hear audio/video via your computer as our resource files include video clips
  • Use of a computer to complete the course work. Smart phones and tablets are not suitable for completing the assessment as the display and functionality can be affected.


London Marriott Hotel Kensington, 147c Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0TH

Tel: +44(0) 20 7973 1000

Website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lonlm-london-marriott-hotel-kensington/


From Heathrow Airport:

Take M4 East and continue onto A4 to Hammersmith/Central London. A4 becomes Cromwell Road, pass Earls Court Road junction on your right. Turn first right into Knaresborough Place opposite Cromwell Hospital, then first left into Collingham Place and then left again. At the traffic lights turn left which will bring you to the hotel entrance on Cromwell Road, opposite Sainsbury’s store.

From Gatwick Airport:

Take M23 and connect to M4 East towards Central London and join onto A4 towards Central London. A4 becomes Cromwell Road, pass Earls Court Road junction on your right. Turn first right into Knaresborough Place opposite Cromwell Hospital, then first left into Collingham Place and then left again. At the traffic lights turn left which will bring you to the hotel entrance on Cromwell Road, opposite Sainsbury’s store. Alternatively take the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station, then take the Tube – District or Circle Line to Earls Court or Gloucester Road Station.

Traveling by Tube

Nearest stations: Earl’s Court Station & Gloucester Road Station
Tube lines: District line, Circle line, and Piccadilly line

Car Parking:
£35 per day- Book by calling London Marriott Hotel Kensington

£7-£8 If you book with 20% discount code :BABYEM20

The Hotel is NOT within the London congestion charging zone

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have completed the Maternity Nurse Training before attending this course?

You do not need to have completed our 2 day Maternity Nurse training course before attending the care of multiples & premature babies course, however, we recommend that candidates attending the course have experience caring for premature and multiples.

How will this course prepare me for working with multiples?

The care of multiples and premature babies course is very practical and we use dolls throughout the course so that candidates feel comfortable handling multiple babies.

Our Care of Multiples & Premature Babies Course Tutors

Zoe Mundell Osteopath

Zoë Mundell M.ost; DO;ND Paediatric Osteopath

Zoe completed her post graduate training at the Osteopathic Centre for Children and now runs a successful osteopathic practice in Canary Wharf. She has extensive experience working with the Barnett Hospital neonatal unit osteopathic outreach programme and has supported many mothers and babies, using a variety of osteopathic techniques including cranial osteopathy.


This course was wonderful and provided me with lots of valuable information

This course was wonderful and provided me with lots of valuable information. Both trainers were extremely knowledgeable and approachable and I loved that they used personal experience.

D.Marsh 2017



I really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much

I really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much. The Paediatric Osteopaths experience was really useful, combined with the practical support given by an experienced Maternity Nurse was excellent.

S grey 2016



I gained so much more knowledge about the problems premature babies may have

I gained so much more knowledge about the problems premature babies may have and feel confident about helping mothers care for them.
S Harris 2016