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      Sareeka is a newly qualified Maternity Nurse and prior to this worked in various childcare roles, including working as a Nursery Practitioner, Nanny and Hospital Play Specialist in a neonatal unit. She also received an MBE in 2012 for her work, volunteering in a children’s hospital for a year in 2012.






      00:01 When did you qualify as a maternity nurse?

      I qualified early last year.

      00:04 How many placements have you completed with Babyem?

      4 – a mixture of single and multiple babies.


      00:10 What are you doing now?

      I am currently working as a Maternity Nurse with a family on a 3 month contract.

      00:16 Most challenging situation you have come across so far?

      With my current job we didn’t initially know the baby was allegic to milk. Not knowing what to do to help and watching him arch in pain was horrible. After a dietician appointment, the mother cut out dairy from her diet, and he is now a much happier baby….

      00:26 Best Maternity nurse moment?

      When I returned from holiday to see the baby I am caring for smiling up at me…. magical.

      00:33 Do you prefer working days or nights?

      I would say I prefer days…. and to be honest initially when I started out I was dreading nights! However, nights are fine, especially when the baby is in a good routine.

      00:42 Advice for new starters?

      Seems simple but always listen to both parents, but also trust your own judgement… it’s all about teamwork.
      Also, invest in an ipad! It’s brilliant when you need to find information quickly, or if you can’t sleep at 2am in the morning and want to read or watch something!

      00:51 One thing you can’t live without as a maternity nurse?

      Maternity nurses groups on social media sites. It helps to have someone to talk to at 3am if you’re flustered!