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      Babyem Blog0:00 Have you always been involved in the nanny industry?

      Mostly, other than when I first moved over to the United Kingdom from South Africa. I worked in a five-star hotel in central London and later on I worked for a veterinary clinic in South London. I have always loved children and wanted to help parents by ensuring that their cherished ones were nurtured in a safe and secure environment while being very consistent with the children in my care.

       00:15 What inspired you to start the Christian Nannies agency?

      I am personally a Christian and believe that it will be really beneficial for other people who are of the same faith to have the option to work with an agency that focuses on connecting like-minded families with like-minded nannies. This is open to all people irrespective of their faith.


      00:25 Do you have any advice for families wanting to employ a nanny?  

      I would say that one of the most crucial things to remember when welcoming a nanny into your lives is to be consistent with how you treat your nanny. Most nannies would like to stay with families for as long as possible and one of the best ways to keep a nanny happy is to remain consistent in how you treat them.


      00:35 Do you have a family of your own?

      I have been married to a lovely husband for over seven years. We are hoping to start our own family in the not too far future.


      00:40 What do you love most about your job?

      I believe that finding a family that can truly connect with their nanny is something special. This is part of what I love most about my job. Helping to facilitate partnerships that bring unity and trust.


      00:51 Do you have any advice for nannies looking to sign up with an agency?

      Don’t give up if you are unsuccessful in registering with an agency. Always go prepared. I would also recommend making copies of all your original documentation as this shows agencies that you are organised and professional. Be yourself and remember that most agencies just want to get to know you on a more personal level as this will help them understand what is most important for you as a nanny.