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      FullSizeRenderChristine Hedge is a self-employed maternity nurse with over 30 years experience working with newborns. Taking a special interest in multiple & pre-term births, Christine says her overarching objective is to work with families to establish routines that result in happy, thriving children, with a focus on nutrition and sleep routines.

      We are delighted to welcome Christine to Babyem as a Guest Speaker on our OCN Care of Multiples and Premature Babies course. Christine will join paediatric osteopath Zoe Mundell to lead the course, which is ideal for Maternity Nurses, Nannies and Professionals who work with preterm and multiple babies. Christine will be providing practical guidance on how to move preterm babies forward and how to care for multiples.

      00:00 What made you become a maternity nurse?
      It was suggested by my godson’s mum that I do an MNT training to just boost up my NNEB [Diploma in Childcare & Education awarded by CACHE].
      How many sets of twins have you worked with?
      Since starting as a maternity nurse, I’ve worked with 8 single babies, 24 sets of twins and 6 sets of triplets!
      Wow! What’s the best part of your job?
      The best part of my job is training / educating parents in the importance of a holistic nurturing of babies and to put into place a strong foundation as the first set of building blocks, and then seeing the babies flourish.
      What’s been the most amazing experience you have had when caring for multiples?
      Definitely when I picked up an SVT on an 18-day year old twin – I saved her life!
      What’s the most challenging part of your job?
      Tackling health / developmental issues in babies or parents, and working for the best way forward for all concerned, particularly postnatal depression.
      Where is your favourite place to be?
      Favourite place is home, in Devon! Walking, biking or lambing and catching up with friends.
      How do you unwind?
      I unwind with the family – I have a son and daughter. On my 24 hours off, I visit all my past families and stay overnight with them – an amazing privilege!
      3 bits of equipment every maternity nurse caring for multiples should have?

      1. The Snot Sucker [nasal aspirator]

      2. Terry towelling old fashion nappies

      3. A good camera – I always use this right from the start!

      One thing you wished you knew as a newly qualified maternity nurse?

      I wish I had known how little postnatal support mothers / parents of multiples receive!


      What is the best baby book you have read?

      I have several favourite books:

      • ‘Birth Without Violence’ and ‘Loving Hands’ – both by Frederick Leboyer, a french obstetrician
      • ‘Caring for your Baby in the Neonatal Unit’ – Inga Warren & Cherry Bond
      • ‘Preemies’ – Dana Wechsler Linden & Emma Trenti Parolli
      • ‘The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan’ – Alison Scott-Wright
      • ‘The Great Ormond Street New Baby & Child Care Book: The Essential Guide for Parents of Children Aged 0-5