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      00:00 Do you have a family of your own?

      We are expecting our first baby by the end of August, so excited we can’t wait anymore!


      00:08 What inspired you to start the Spanishnanny Agency?

      I always loved being around children, throwing myself to the floor and playing with them and making them laugh.  After over 10 years as a nursery nurse and professional nanny in Spain and in the UK, some of my former families still call for advice and my opinion when they need some help with related to childcare. They always praise that my opinion is the best choice for their children, so after many years it seems natural to me to take my career to another level and use all the knowledge and experience I have gained through the years and put it into practice. It is the best thing I’ve ever done!


      00:22 What is the biggest difference between childcare in the UK and childcare in Spain?

      The biggest difference is that mums have only four months of maternity so if you don’t have help from your parents or your in-laws you are forced to go back to work, so you have to bring your 4 months old baby to a full-time nursery. Here  you can work only one day etc, whereas in Spain 45% of the families have a split shift, unless you hire a nanny which is less usual thing to do.


      00:34 What is the most challenging part of your job?  

      The long hours that come with running any small business, and trying to find an equilibrium between job and family. I am trying to have more rest and delegating more in the last month of pregnancy.


      00:42 What do you love most about your job?

      Listening and assisting our families and knowing that they trust us on finding the right spanish speaking nanny for their loved ones.


      00:49 Do you have any advice for nannies looking to sign up with an agency?

      As I’ve been there too, I’d highly advise to have a high level of english, 3+years experience as a nanny (this is the minimum we ask), two written references, DBS is a must and First Aid. The better their english and their experience the better job position they’ll get.