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      kirstyWhen I was looking for nanny job opportunities, I discovered and decided to attend the Level 4 Maternity Nurse Training Course at Babyem.

      I really enjoyed the course – it was informative and very well led. The teacher was friendly and explained everything thoroughly.

      I have completed two placements through Babyem’s new born placement scheme. Being able to put the knowledge gained through Babyem into practice was hugely rewarding. Both of my placements involved caring for premature twins, so I learned a lot about the kind of world that parents premature babies are thrown into. In particular, one of the most valuable experiences for me was looking after both twins overnight.

      I really enjoyed both of my placements and feel that they have given me a chance to build on my skills, and feel confident in providing quality care to any family I work for in the future, since my placement.

      I have also completed Babyem’s breastfeeding skills and also the sleep training course, which were both excellent!