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      sally cranfield
      0:00 Tell us a bit about you.
      I’ve based my training company in Brighton, East Sussex and I have two adult daughters, both of whom still enjoy massages.
      0:03 What made you set up Massage for Babies ?
      I’d been teaching parents for 11 years, starting before any accredited courses existed in UK, and I felt I had unique experience to offer training. I was inspired to be able to pass on such a wonderful skill to those working with babies and parents.
      0:08 Who do you currently teach?
      Mostly I teach staff in children’s centres, NHS health visitors and nursery nurses. Massage therapists, body workers and all those working with families also come on my courses.
      0:13 You always incorporate yoga moves into our taster baby massage workshop. Do you do a lot of yoga and how does this help your practice as a baby massage instructor?
      Yoga is an important part of my life and I think the awareness and sensitivity which yoga encourages is beneficial for teaching all massage. I think being body aware, as well as sensitive to feelings, are both essential for this work.
      0:20 Best experience to date being a baby massage instructor? 
      So many marvellous experiences after all these years. One of my earliest memories still sticks – watching an anxious new mum become confident for the first time with her premature and under-weight baby. She became able to look at his tiny, naked body and touch him without fear.
      0:31 Any challenges you come across as a baby massage instructor?
      Mothers with post-natal depression are often resistant to the idea of massage or are unable to bond with their baby. This often means their baby doesn’t respond so quickly, but with patience and sensitivity both mother and baby can soon develop a stronger attachment.
      0:38 Benefits of massage for babies?
      There are many but the most important is that it enhances the neurological development of the baby and its bond with its parents . It also aids the body systems, helping babies to feel relaxed and ‘at home’ in their own skin.
      0:43 Benefits of baby massage for parents?
      Helps them to feel closer to their babies and to better understand them. It is also relaxing for them and triggers feel-good hormones.
      0:51 Benefits of Maternity Nurses completing a certified baby massage course?
      The qualification will enable them to obtain professional insurance and provide them with the right amount of knowledge, experience and confidence. Of course, they’ll also receive continuing support, my DVD and comprehensive handbook.
      0:56 What baby massage move really helps the most with babies with digestive problems?
      All strokes help with this as it is relaxation which is most beneficial. But working directly over the tummy and lower back are most helpful.
      01:00 What baby massage moves help babies to sleep?
      Full body – effleurage moves are especially helpful for sleep.