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      Infant Massage Certification Training

      This 2-day Infant Massage Certification Training is suitable for childcare professionals, healthcare professionals and parents. The course provides candidates with a UK and Internationally Recognised Teaching Certificate and is fully accredited by the Federation of Prenatal Education and Independent Professional Therapists International.

      The course is led by Peter Walker –  a teacher’s trainer, physical therapist, author and yoga teacher. Peter has over 40 years experience in delivering baby massage training, as well as providing group and one-to-one sessions to parents with children with special needs.

      Peter’s background in physical therapy and yoga underpins the high quality of his training programme, with techniques based on the stages of a baby’s physical and emotional development, supported by neuroscience research on babies’ brain development. Peter is credited with the free teaching of baby massage in NHS centres throughout the UK.

      Why complete your certified infant massage training with Babyem?


      Course delivered by Peter Walker, an industry-renowned physical therapist, author and yoga teacher with over 40 years experience in the delivery of baby massage training


      Our baby massage course teaches students the renowned developmental baby massage routine for babies 8+ weeks, as well as a unique bonding and attachment reassurance programme for babies 0-6 weeks.


      Affordable instalment payment plan available

      Baby Massage Course Details

      Course Dates & Details

      Venue: London Marriott Hotel Kensington, 147c Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW5 0TH

      Time: 10am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday

      2019 Dates: We are not going to run this course this year

      Cost:  £375pp 

      (The cost of the infant massage certified infant massage training includes a copy of Peter Walker’s international best-selling book ‘Developmental Baby Massage’ and DVD for all delegates. Candidates are also provided with course notes for delegates and session notes for parents).

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


      Payment Options Available

      Full Payment of £375   3 Payments of £131   6 Payments of £72

      Baby Massage Course Content & Assessment

      During this practical course, candidates will learn how to deliver a full developmental baby massage routine. The session covers the following topics:

      1 The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and a Loving Touch

      Bonding and Attachment – birth to six to eight weeks

      • Introducing development of loving touch, secure holding, safe tummy time and promoting overall good reciprocity to    facilitate mother-infant bonding.

      • Remedial Touch techniques to relieve intra-uterine and difficult birth experience for the baby where identified as    needed.

      • Holding and stroking techniques prior to massage to relieve physiological flexion and abdominal tension.

      • Techniques to release the phrenic nerve and diaphragm and improve respiration.

      2. Developmental Baby Massage – 8 weeks to Standing

      • Demonstrating massage techniques and strokes to parents using a doll, with emphasis on session being baby-led.

      • Quality time for parents to get to know their baby through play, loving touch, talking and singing to the baby and      learning about baby’s cues and communication.

      • Endorsement on the benefits of safe tummy time.

      • Baby observation to promote reciprocity and facilitate mother infant bonding for a foundation of secure attachment.

      • Infant development, anatomy and physiology.

      • Improving circulatory, respiratory rhythms, back strength and joint flexibility overall muscle tone.

      • Relief of common infant ailments.

      • Consideration of babies with additional needs and developmental delay.

      • Includes contra-indications, safety, correct baby massage oils and usage. 

      3. Infant Balance and Good Posture Primary preparation for sitting and standing (using gravity assisted techniques for stronger structural foundations)


      You will be require to complete THREE (3) observations with three different families. You will have 12 weeks to complete these observations and additional assistance will be offered by Peter Walker.

      Each attendee will receive a copy of Peter Walker’s international best selling book ‘Developmental Baby Massage’ and DVD for all delegates. Plus all course notes for delegates and session notes for parents

      The Benefits of Baby Massage

      What is infant massage?

      Infant massage is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways of soothing, bonding and spending time with a baby.

      What will I learn during the baby massage certified teacher training?

      Our unique baby massage certified teacher training course focuses on massage techniques to promote bonding and attachment with babies from birth to six weeks. As well as developmental baby massage routine for babies 8 weeks to standing, including babies with additional needs. The final part of the baby massage certified teacher training course focuses on assisted techniques to support babies to sit and stand.

      The benefits of infant massage

      Touch is the first of the senses to develop and it’s known to be the baby’s first language. Affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents / carers. The way in which a baby is held and touched will tell them much about how loved and wanted they are. Other key reported benefits include:

      Benefits of infant massage for babies:

      • Improves muscle tone, co-ordination and flexibility
      • Helps constipation, colic, digestion and wind
      • Encourages growth and development
      • Boosts immunity
      • Promotes bonding and relaxation
      • Aids sleep patterns

      Benefits of infant massage parents and carers:

      • Feeling closer to your baby
      • Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying and body language
      • Provides an enjoyable opportunity for you to spend one-to-one time with your baby
      • Relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage
      • Increased confidence in reading your baby’s signals and better able to respond to their unique needs
      • Developing a life-long parenting skill

      Massage may be particularly good for premature babies in special care, resulting in:

      Improved weight gain: Massage stimulates the vagus nerve, which connects the brain with important parts of the body, including the stomach. When stimulating this nerve with massage can improve digestion and bowel movement, thus helping a baby to gain weight.

      A more stable heart rate: Massage improves the parts of the nervous system that regulate our organs, and can keep a premature baby’s heart rate steady.

      Better able to respond to stress and pain

      More stable brain activity: Premature babies who are massaged tend to have brain activity that develops at a normal level, compared to those premature babies which haven’t been massaged.

      How is the course delivered

      certified baby massage teacher training This is a practical course where candidates are taught a full developmental baby massage routine.

      Candidates are required to wear practical clothing as they will be based on the floor and bring a cushion with them. Dolls and towels are provided by Babyem.





      London Marriott Hotel Kensington, 147c Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0TH

      Tel: +44(0) 20 7973 1000

      Website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lonlm-london-marriott-hotel-kensington/


      From Heathrow Airport:

      Take M4 East and continue onto A4 to Hammersmith/Central London. A4 becomes Cromwell Road, pass Earls Court Road junction on your right. Turn first right into Knaresborough Place opposite Cromwell Hospital, then first left into Collingham Place and then left again. At the traffic lights turn left which will bring you to the hotel entrance on Cromwell Road, opposite Sainsbury’s store.

      From Gatwick Airport:

      Take M23 and connect to M4 East towards Central London and join onto A4 towards Central London. A4 becomes Cromwell Road, pass Earls Court Road junction on your right. Turn first right into Knaresborough Place opposite Cromwell Hospital, then first left into Collingham Place and then left again. At the traffic lights turn left which will bring you to the hotel entrance on Cromwell Road, opposite Sainsbury’s store. Alternatively take the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station, then take the Tube – District or Circle Line to Earls Court or Gloucester Road Station.

      Traveling by Tube

      Nearest stations: Earl’s Court Station & Gloucester Road Station
      Tube lines: District line, Circle line, and Piccadilly line

      Car Parking:
      £35 per day- Book by calling London Marriott Hotel Kensington

      £7-£8 If you book with 20% discount code :BABYEM20

      The Hotel is NOT within the London congestion charging zone

      Baby Massage Course Instructor – Peter Walker 

      Peter Walker is a pioneer of baby massage with over 40 years experience supporting parent and child relationships and the wellbeing and fitness of mothers and babies, especially those babies and children with developmental delay. He currently offers teacher training courses in the UK, Japan and Indonesia.

      Peter currently has around 18,000 teachers in 22 different countries now teaching Developmental Baby Massage. All certificated ‘Developmental Baby Massage’ teachers are personally taught and certified by Peter Walker. 

      Peter has made numerous television appearances – giving talks for the BBC and Womens Radio – and has been featured in articles for national publications including: Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, Japan Times, Australia’s Natural Parenting magazine and many other national publications including most UK ‘Mother and Baby’ periodicals.

      Peter is the leading author on Developmental Baby Massage, having written numerous books which are available in 18 different languages. He has also created 8 films and documentaries which promote massage and yoga in babies, children and adults.