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      How To Become An Ofsted Registered Nanny Without The Stress

      The steps to becoming an Ofsted registered Nanny can feel overwhelming.

      We make registering with Ofsted easy and quick…

      If you feel like you have wasted enough time trying to figure it out on your own, you’ve come to the right place.

      We train Nannies every week and have extensive experience supporting Nannies and other childcare providers to register with Ofsted, so you’ll be in safe hands with us.

      In order to become an Ofsted registered nanny candidates are required to register on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register (VOCR). Nannies are required to undertake a course that addresses the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge as well as an Ofsted compliant Paediatric First Aid course. This page outlines how to become an ‘Ofsted Registered Nanny’.

      Once steps 1 – 4 have been completed, childcarers will be required to complete the Ofsted CR1 application. At the bottom of the page you will find a guide on how to set up the government gateway account and complete the Ofsted registration form. 

      STEP 1

      Complete a DBS Check

      STEP 2

      Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training

      STEP 3

      Paediatric First Aid Training

      STEP 4

      Public Liability Insurance

      Step 1: Complete a DBS Check

      In order to become Ofsted registered nannies (and other home-based childcarers) are required to complete a DBS check (formerly CRB checks). These checks are geared towards preventing unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups such as children. Nannies are required to complete the DBS update service before completing the Ofsted application.

      The DBS check can be completed through Babyem. We handle the process from start to finish, removing the hassle of handling any of the paperwork. Checks usually come back in 4- 6 weeks and as soon as we receive clearance we contact you by email. You will need to book a time to meet with a Babyem advisor (times can be booked online). Scheduled appointments take place on the same weekend as courses in central London.

      Weekday appointments can be arranged and take place at our office in East London, to organise a weekday appointment, please contact us directly on: 020 8986 9008.

      To become an Ofsted registered nanny, you will need to complete a DBS Check and provide the following identification:


      Photo ID (Passport/Biometric Residence permit/Driving License)


      Proof of Address (Utility Bills/Bank Statement)

      Individual DBS checks cost £75

      We can arrange a DBS check on it’s own if you have completed the other steps. We recommend considering the Ofsted registration package if you have all 4 steps to complete. This will make the process simpler and easier for you.

      Courses required to become an Ofsted registered Nanny:

      Step 2: Common Core Skills and Knowledge Training

      To become Ofsted registered, nannies are required to complete a course that covers the Common Core Skills (or hold a level 2 childcare qualification). Babyem has created a unique course specifically for Nannies that covers the 6 common core skills (Communicating with children and young people, child development, safeguarding children, supporting transitions, multi-agency team working and information sharing).

      The Babyem Common Core Skills is accredited at level 3 through Open College Network, providing nannies registering with Ofsted with an official childcare qualification often required by agencies and childcare settings.

      The Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training is delivered through distance learning in the comfort of your own home. For more information about the course, please click HERE.

      Distance Learning £120

      Costs: This course costs £120. Candidates can choose to pay the additional £40 to complete the OCN London qualification.

      Step 3: Ofsted compliant 12 hr Paediatric First Aid

      In order to become an Ofsted registered nanny candidates are required to complete a Paediatric First Course that covers all the necessary requirements for registration on the Ofsted voluntary childcare register.

      Babyem provides a 12 hour blended learning Ofsted compliant Paediatric First Aid course (e-learning test + 6 hr practical) suitable for childcarers registering on both parts of the Ofsted childcare register. The Paediatric First Aid Course takes place on Sundays on a fortnightly basis in Central London.

      Paediatric First Aid Course Structure:


      Stage 1: E-Learning (6 hours)

      The 6-hour E-learning course, to be completed before classroom session, will provide the foundational knowledge and skills for Paediatric first aid. Candidates have one month to complete the assessment.

      Stage 2: Classroom Learning (6 hours)

      Our specialist trainers guide learners through the following life-saving techniques, practical exercises and theory that was presented in the E-learning module.

      12 Hour Paediatric First Aid Course £98

      E-Learning + One Day Practical in London

      Step 4: Public Liability Insurance

      Public liability Insurance (PLI) helps to protect professional nannies should anything happen to the children whilst they are in their care. It also protects the relationship between you and your employer. It is a pre-requisite of registration on Voluntary Ofsted Registration and is required by most nanny agencies.

      Babyem works in partnership with Nanny Insure, who provide a comprehensive insurance policy especially designed for Nannies. When booking the Common Core Skills & Knowledge training or Paediatric First Aid through Babyem, candidates receive one month free when booking their Public Liability Insurance through Nanny Insure.

      Receive one month free with Nanny Insure if you book through Babyem!


      To receive your unique discount code, please contact the Babyem team on info@babyem.co.uk or 020 8986 9008

      BONUS Step 5: How to complete the Ofsted CR1 application form

      Babyem has created an unofficial step-by-step guide on how to complete the CR1 registration form as a nanny registering on the voluntary part of the childcare register. See below to view the video:

      Introducing the time & stress saving…Ofsted Registered Preparation Package


      The Ofsted Registration Preparation package is NOT suitable for you if you have already completed any of the following services/courses below:

      1. Common Core Skills Course (book online or attendance)

      2. Hold a valid Paediatric First Aid Certificate

      3. Have a current DBS check

      4. Have Public Liability Insurance

      What does the Ofsted preparation package include:

      1. Common Core Skills Course (Distance Learning)

      2. Paediatric First Aid Course

      3. DBS check

      3. a FREE month discount of Public Liability Insurance ( partnered with Nanny Insure )

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does it take to register with Ofsted on the voluntary part of the Childcare Register?
      Approximately 12 weeks
      Do I have to complete the CR1 form online?
      Ofsted now require all applications to be completed online.
      Do I need to be working with a family already to register with Ofsted?
      The nanny doesn’t have to be working with a family at the point of submitting the application. In the section for the employers details please add your own address and this should allow you to submit your application. Ofsted will then need to be made aware of any address changes when you start to work for a family.
      Do I need to notify Ofsted if I change employer?
      Yes, please update Ofsted with any changes i.e. change of employer and addresses.
      I am doing a Nanny Share, can I add multiple addresses?
      Yes, the CR1 application allows you to add more than one address
      Do Ofsted cover the cost of the DBS check?
      No, Ofsted used to cover the cost of police checks, however candidates are now required to cover the cost.
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