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      What’s your family like? 

      We have a 2-year old son, and twins, boy and girl, 4-months old.


      How did you find out about the Babyem newborn placement scheme? 

      Scoring the internet in the middle of the night out of desperation!  I was so sleep deprived, and had to be alert for my 2 year old in the morning.

      How many candidates have supported you? 

      5 maternity nurse candidates have helped me via the newborn placement scheme.

      What support did candidates provide?

      Advice!  Support with feeding, changing and bathing, washing and sterilising bottles and babies laundry.  And also allowing me to rest.

      Which areas of support did you feel were particularly helpful?

      Reassuring me I was doing a good job at being mum, and giving me breaks to eat, shower and sleep.

      Would you recommend the scheme to new parents?

      Definitely! The scheme was a lifeline for me – I was becoming isolated from company as I felt too tired and overwhelmed for visitors. Trying to juggle a toddler and newborn twins was making me very lonely – I not only appreciated the help, but also the company!

      Each candidate shared their experiences and made me feel at ease.


      Gaining newborn experience when starting your career in essential, and a key requirement by most agencies. Our newborn maternity nurse placement schemes enables candidates to put theory into practice, helping candidates to develop skills, knowledge and confidence. We have built an excellent reputation within the sector, and receive referrals from multiple agencies including Great Ormond Street hospital, TAMBA and Twins UK, as well as parent groups such as NCT throughout the country.

      If you are interested in any of our placements advertised here and have completed the Babyem level 3 or 4 OCN London Maternity Nurse Award, have a valid First Aid and DBS check please contact us on 07967 684098, email: info@babyem.co.uk