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      Childminder interview questions for parents

      Interviewing a childminder can be a daunting prospect. However, if you are well-prepared, the meeting should generally run smoothly.

      Childminder Interview Questions

      The following questions are commonly asked by parents, but do feel free to add any of your own. Don’t feel you are being nosey, childminders are very used to being asked questions about their service.

      • Why did you decide to become a childminder?
      • How long have you been minding?
      • What do you like most about your job?
      • How long do you intend to continue Childminding for?
      • Do you have any children of you own?
      • If yes, how old are they?
      • How many children can you care for?
      • How many children are you currently caring for? And how old are they?
      • What is a typical day for you?
      • What activities do you do with the children?
      • Do you take the children out in your car?
      • If yes, what car seats have you got?
      • What regular outings do you take the children on?
      • Do you take the children on any special trips?
      • If so, who pays for these?
      • Do you have house rules?
      • What do you think is unacceptable behaviour?
      • How do you deal with a child who has misbehaved?
      • Do you have any back up or emergency cover?
      • Do you celebrate any special occasions?
      • How will you keep me informed as to what my child does each day?
      • Do you provide meals or do I need to bring a packed lunch?
      • If you provide meals, do you have a sample menu?
      • What is your settling in procedure?
      • How much do you charge and what does this include?

      Local Authorities regularly provide information regarding how to source a Childminder and Childminder information questions. To find your nearest Family Information Service please contact the Daycare Trust.