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      angela farmeryWhat is your background?

      I have worked for over 30 years in childcare in a variety of positions from private nannying to childminding. Most of my work has been in a nursery working my way up from a nursery practitioner in the baby room to an area manager looking after 4 very large nurseries. 

      What experience have you gained through the Maternity placement scheme?

      The experience I have gained has been invaluable – particularly with supporting new mothers and helping to reassure them and encourage them to recognise what a great job they are doing. I have also had experience of working with the wider family e.g. grandmother’s and this has helped me to realise that sometimes it is the whole family that my need support.

      I have had some experience of twins also and these babies were also premature babies. Learning about the practicalities of looking after twins has been a great experience (practical skills and organisational skills as well as finding out about different types of baby equipment).

      The placements have helped me determine that the age group I would most like to work with is the birth to 3 months and also 24 hour positions as I prefer to spend intense amount of times with the family rather than just a few hours a day.

      What are your plans for the future?

      I plan to work as a maternity nurse full time but with breaks in between contracts. I am already lucky enough to be registered with Eden Private Staff and currently have a contract for 12 weeks until July.