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      2015-05-30 16.57.10What is your background?

      I have always been involved with childcare. I have been a professional nanny and also worked in a private nursery and public nursery for short periods of time.
      Most of my experience has come from helping my friends over the last 9 years with their children with everything from nannying, childminding, proxy parent and general day and night care as well as helping during maternity and newborn stages all unpaid.

      What experience have you gained through the Maternity Nurse Placement scheme?

      I have so far completed 2 placements with a view to doing at least 2 more. I have gained practical knowledge of what is involved with the job and hands on experience with new parents.
      It can be nerve racking going into a stranger’s home and caring for their precious baby – but I found the placements gave me the confidence that it’s not as scary as I thought it would be, as well as experience with multiples and different family dynamics.
      I thoroughly enjoyed my placements and the families were lovely to work with. I gained invaluable professional references enabling me to register with agencies.

      What are your plans for the future?

      I would like to complete a few more placements to secure the nessesary references to register with an agency whom I have already met with and am in the process of registering with thanks to the Babyem course. I am definitely going to be going into full time maternity nurse roles as have found it to be everything in both expected and could want from a job.
      I love working with children especially babies – including the nappies and vomit! I also have just completed the sleep course and intend to do postnatal depression and birth trauma, breastfeeding and advanced breastfeeding as well as care of mulitples and premature babies courses to further my knowledge and enhance my CV.
      I would highly recommend making full use of this amazing placement scheme. Babyem are beyond helpful and aim to get you the experience you want and need to further your opportunities for employment.