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      photo yvette sagoeWe asked Yvette Sagoe, the founder of Hopscotch Nanny Agency, how the agency was set up and what she looks for in nannies.

      Hopscotch Nanny Agency, a London based bespoke agency, was set up in May 2012. The agency provides nannies, maternity nurses, governesses, au pairs and housekeepers in SW London, North London, Central London and the Surrey regions. Hopscotch Nanny Agency strives to find the best match for both our clients and candidates, matching client needs with relevant age appropriate experience, training, personalities as well as shared values.


      You were a nanny before, what made you want to set up an agency? How is your agency different?

      As a parent and having experience as a working nanny I felt that I could bring a more personable service to the industry understanding the needs of both client and candidate. My background in the legal field has provided me with scope to understand, negotiate and implement the necessary terms into a contract between candidates and clients.

      How did you think of the name?

      The name Hopscotch came about as I thought about my childhood and what fond memories I had playing as a young child. As I enjoyed playing hopscotch at school, as well as on the pavement where I grew up, I thought it would be the perfect name for a childcare agency.

      What do you look for in a nanny?

      What I look for in a nanny varies from client to client as each client’s needs may be different. But on the whole, what I look for in a working professional nanny is punctuality, discretion, confidentiality, a good level of health and fitness and the ability to cook healthy nutritious meals. Children need to socialise and participate in a variety of exercise including sport and regular trips to the park. Therefore an outgoing, social nanny who has the skills, training and the ability to show a steady solid work history is what our agency looks for when assessing suitability for most roles.

      What do you look for in a nanny?

      It is essential that each nanny display and can demonstrate through their work experience the ability to multi-task the different requirements of the family. Siblings often have different needs, therefore a nanny will need to implement age appropriate play, sleep and feeding routines, socialising and managing behaviour in a calm and engaging way. Whilst this may develop through work experience, a good consultant should be able to identify those nannies that show a natural ability to engage and both multi-task and display a natural love for children. This can often be identified at the different stages necessary to complete the registration process. For example how candidates present their CV supported by how they articulate their skills and training during the telephone and face-to-face interview.

      For more information about Hopscotch Nanny Agency please click here to go to their website and other means of contact is below.

      Address: Hopscotch Nanny Agency Ltd
      Suite 18531, Lower Ground Floor
      145-157 St John Street
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      Tel: 020 8789 4526