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      OCN level 5 Advanced Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training Including 2 FREE bonus workshops.

      At Babyem, evidence-based holistic practice is at the heart of everything we teach.

      If you are a baby care professional looking to deepen and broaden your overall understanding of infant health, behaviour and development, then this course is for you! Our unique Advanced Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training incorporates:

      The latest evidence-based research, parent interviews and reflective learning which is designed to help you make the most of the course content.


      The course supports baby care specialists to reflect on complex and challenging situations, with a particular focus on caring for multiples and babies with additional needs.


      Having a multi-agency team of industry experts that support you.


      Our multi-disciplinary team of childcare experts will provide the latest information on a diverse range of topics related to caring for very young babies, from birth trauma to feeding difficulties.


      Our speakers have written systematic reviews contributed to medical journals and run their own private practices.

      What you receive when you sign up to the Babyem online Maternity Nurse Training:

      What people are saying about the Online Level 5 Advanced Maternity Nurse Training

      Loved this training, excellent teaching and this is my third course with Babyem!

      Beatrice Flood, 2017

      Very informative, great speakers, the slides and presentation were engaging and very helpful for visual learners.

      Poppy Tate, 2017

      So impressed, I learnt so many new things. I particularly enjoyed learning about the effect of birth on a baby and birth trauma.

      Tracey Inge, 2017

      Well presented, great speakers and I’ve learnt lots of new things as well!

      Ruth Agunwa, 2017

      Maternity Nurse Training Course Content

      Cultural sensitivity when working with families

      Cultural sensitivity when working with families

      • What is culture? How does our own culture affect our practice?
      • How to develop culturally sensitive ways of working
      • Different expectations, behaviours, customs and practices in several major world religions
      • Specific aspects relating to birth, lactation and the early postpartum period to be aware of

      Birth and immediate postpartum care and the effects of complicated deliveries

      Birth and immediate postpartum care and the effects of complicated deliveries

      • Normal pregnancy and birth
      • Assisted conception, fertility treatment, interventions and complications
      • Miscarriage, stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy
      • Complications in pregnancy (diabetes, pre-eclampsia, placenta praevia)
      • Obstetric, foetal and neonatal emergencies
      • Instrumental and surgical birth
      • Post partum complications

      Effects of birth and intra-uterine positioning on the baby, Prematurity

      Effects of birth and intra-uterine positioning on the baby, Prematurity

      • Possible physical stresses and strains from position in utero, positioning during delivery and effects of instrumental delivery influencing the baby’s ability to move comfortably post-partum
      • Recognising the cause of discomfort in an unsettled, yet otherwise healthy baby
      • Risk factors for premature birth
      • The appearance, possible clinical course, chances of survival and long-term prognosis of prematurely born babies
      • Caring for premature babies and their carers
      • Levels of neonatal care and the impact of NNU admission on parental confidence

      Perinatal Mental Health

      Perinatal Mental Health

      • Birth Trauma
      • Perinatal Loss
      • Perinatal Mental Health including anxiety, depression, OCD and puerperal psychosis
      • Assessing Perinatal Risk
      • Treatment of perinatal disorders



      • Identification and assessment of tongue-tie in infants
      • How tongue-tie can impact on feeding
      • Management of babies with tongue-tie and review of the evidence
      • The experience of mothers and how to support them pre and post division
      • Myths and controversies
      • Strategies for helping mothers feed tongue-tied babies

      Breastfeeding and complex feeding problems


      • Formula feeding v breastfeeding premature babies
      • Analysis of the risks, difficulties faced by mothers on NNU
      • Breastfeeding multiple babies
      • How to initiate a breastmilk supply with only a pump
      • How infants feed and infant palate development
      • Supporting mothers to overcome breastfeeding problems and the consultation process
      • Supporting breastfeeding for exceptional cases: babies with cleft lip & effects of neurological complications on breastfeeding
      • Overview of tube feeding
      • Faltering growth

      Epigenetics, gut health and allergies and reflux


      • Symptoms of physiological reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, the treatment available and when to see a specialist
      • Exploration of the human micro-biome, probiotics and prebiotics
      • Analysis of Infant adaptations (leaky gut) and infant susceptibility to infection, allergy and inflammation
      • Exploration of cows milk allergy and lactose intolerance
      • Review of how symptoms are presented, as well as treatment and long-term outcomes.

      Who is this Maternity Nurse training for?

      This course is suitable for practitioners who have over 3 years practical experience caring for newborns, and who already hold a qualification / certificate in newborn care e.g. doula, maternity nurse, midwife, health professional, doctor etc…
      Maternity Nurses & Sleep Consultants

      Maternity Nurses and Sleep Consultants who want to expand their knowledge of caring for newborns with current evidence-based practice. Also suitable for those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet the individual needs of babies.

      Maternity Assistants

      Maternity Assistants working on postnatal hospital wards that want to develop their knowledge caring for newborns. As well as those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet the individual needs of babies.

      Doula’s & Birth Coaches
      Doula’s or birth coaches who want to expand their knowledge when supporting clients postnatally. As well as those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet the individual needs of babies.
      Midwives & Health Professionals

      Midwives and health professionals such as health visitors and GPs who are looking to develop their knowledge of caring for newborns, and be updated with current evidence based practice.


      Other professionals in the field such as Breastfeeding Peer Supporters who already have significant experience working with parents and babies, and who are looking to gain a deeper holistic understanding of factors effecting babies.

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


      Maternity Nurse Training – Level 5 Flexible Payment Option

      Meet our multi agency team of specialists delivering the Level 5 Advanced Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training

      Maureen Minchin BA Hons, MA (Melb); TSTC

      Maureen Minchin BA Hons, MA (Melb); TSTC

      Medical historian and health educator Maureen Minchin has been involved in global efforts to promote evidence-based infant feeding for decades, and is internationally recognised for her pivotal role in creating the lactation consultant profession. She has been a consultant to international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). She has educated health professionals, including through creating university-based courses in the UK and Australia. And she is an Editorial Board member for the open-access online International Breastfeeding Journal.
      Lyndsey Hookway BSc; RNC; HV; IBCLC

      Lyndsey Hookway BSc; RNC; HV; IBCLC

      Lactation Consultant & Sleep Specialist

      Lyndsey is an experienced Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Having trained under Chireal Shallow of the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic, Lyndsey now runs the highly successful sleep consultancy ‘Little Sleepers’, supporting families internationally. Lyndsey has spoken at several national conferences on breastfeeding, sleep and supporting families and has written a number of published articles.



      Shel is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with extensive experience within the NHS in research, training and project management. Her own successful private practice assists mothers and babies with feeding issues, and she also works in the tertiary sector with various national organisations. She is the author of “Why Formula Feeding Matters”, and is currently working on the Cochrane systematic reviews on Infantile Colic. Shel is heavily involved in the voluntary sector being the Vice-Chair for the UK Association of Milk Banking, and Chair of Communications Team for the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.
      Sarah Oakley

      Sarah Oakley

      Independent HV, IBCLC and Tongue -tie Practitioner

      Sarah Oakley’s background is in community and practice nursing and health visiting. In 2009 she left the NHS to focus on breastfeeding and set up a private practice having qualified as in International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In 2011 she trained at Southampton to perform frenulotomy and has done over 3000 procedures privately since. She also continues to work on a volunteer basis for the ABM as part of the training team. She regularly provides training healthcare professionals and breastfeeding supporters in infant feeding and tongue tie and continues to run two breastfeeding support groups. She is a founder member and Chair of The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners.
      Dr Emma Svanberg

      Dr Emma Svanberg

      Clinical Psychologist

      Emma is a HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist, a member of the British Psychological Society and the Association for Infant Mental Health and the London Regional Co-ordinator for the Positive Birth Movement. As well as meeting people for therapy, Emma also runs supportive groups in her local area for parents and provides birth preparation courses combining hypnobirthing and psychology. Emma is a key writer and campaigner and has written for newspapers such as The Guardian promoting mental health awareness.
      Dr Penelope Law

      Dr Penelope Law


      Dr Penelope Law, is the author of Expecting a Baby? (One Born Every Minute) is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Hillingdon Hospital, London, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London, and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at The Portland Hospital

      Dr Penelope Law’s research into both obesity in pregnancy, and non-invasive procedures for the treatment of fibroids is recognised globally as the preferable alternative to surgery. She is a well known speaker on these areas of expertise. She is also one of the founders of Night Doctor London, a leading out of hours GP service.

      Christina Lenz BSc(Hons) MSc

      Christina Lenz BSc(Hons) MSc

      Paediatric Osteopath

      Christina practises both traditional manipulative osteopathy and osteopathy in the cranial field. She has extensive experience working with adults and children. Besides being a practising osteopath, Christina also fulfills academic roles on the postgraduate programmes on paediatric osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London and the Osteopathie-Schule Deutschland in Hamburg. She is Co-author of the book “Pruefungswissen Osteopathie”.
      Dr Louise M Page MBBS MSc MRCOG

      Dr Louise M Page MBBS MSc MRCOG

      Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

      Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Clinical Director of Clinical Effectiveness & Outcomes at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. When Louise is not practicing she is teaching as an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College, London. She has a special interest in pregnancy in women with underlying medical conditions. Louise aims to support women with their choices for labour and delivery and promotes normality wherever possible. She has an academic interest in Patient Safety working to create safe systems of care within maternity services.

      Receive two FREE bonus webinar seminars

      Bonus session 1

      90 minute

        Sleep Masterclass webinar

      (value £289)

      Bonus session 2

       90 minute

       Osteopath Masterclass

      (value £255)

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      How much time does it take each week?
      Modules vary in size but we estimate that each module takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, plus the live webinar (which is recorded if you can’t watch it live). You are also required to complete the written assessment consisting of essay based questions in order to receive the level 5 OCN Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training accreditation.
      When are the live webinar sessions?
      The live webinar sessions in most cases take place on Thursday evenings at 8pm (UK time) and the recorded version will be available 24 hours afterwards.
      Can I sign up at a later date?
      Yes you can, but the enrolment will close and will not open again until later in the year / 2019.
      How is this different from other online Maternity Nurse Training courses?
      At Babyem, holistic and evidence based practice is at the heart of everything we teach. At level 5, our Advanced Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training is the highest level in the industry. We pride ourselves on bringing together a team of renowned industry specialists who are there to support you to reflect and take your learning to the next level. Our online Maternity Nurse Training takes place over 7 weeks (+ 2 bonus webinars) and the course consists of:

      • In-depth online content, which include videos, text and quizzes
      • Each lesson consists of a recorded (60 – 90 minute) webinar led by an industry specialist that builds on the module content.

      You also have a 14-day money back guarantee if you do not feel the course is right for you. Which means there is no risk on your part!

      What happens when I sign up?
      After booking the course you will be required to complete a short registration form where you will need to upload a copy of your qualification or course certificate, and tell us a little more about your experience as a baby care professional. The course officially starts on the 18th March 2019 (with the first webinar starting on the 21st March).
      How do I achieve the level 5 accreditation in Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training?
      In order to receive the OCN Level 5 accreditation in Advanced Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training you will need to complete an essay-based assignment. The assignment is emailed to you at the beginning of the course, and you are then given 12 weeks to complete the assessment. Once completed you will need to send the assessment back to us, and your work will be marked and then assessed Open College Network. If there are any amends to be made, we will let you know by emailing you (or scheduling a call if required) and you are given extra time to make those amends. Once your work has been successfully verified, you will receive your OCN Level 5 accreditation through the Open College Network.
      What if I don't have much money right now?
      We understand this course is an investment. Should you wish to proceed, we offer payment plans so you have the flexibility of paying over a period of time.
      Can I complete the course and choose not to complete the assessment to achieve the qualification?
      You are welcome to complete the course, attend the live workshops and not complete the assessment. If you choose to do this, on successful completion of all of the multiple-choice questions, you will be given a certificate of achievement (non-accredited).
      Can I talk to you throughout the program?
      Yes! You can contact us by email, Skype or feel free to call.
      Online Maternity Nurse Training course prerequisite
      Learners need to have completed a course focused on the care of newborns and babies, e.g. the level 3 or 4 maternity nurse course, doula qualification, medical qualification etc… In some cases we accept candidates with significant professional experience supporting newborns who do not hold baby care accreditation. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis; please contact us directly before booking. Learners are required to have at least 3+ years newborn baby experience before attending the course, gained by either working in a private setting such as a family home or hospital. We welcome learners from a variety of baby care backgrounds. We often have candidate attend our course who are qualified Midwives, Maternity Nurses, Doula’s and Maternity Support Workers, Sleep Coaches, Lactation Consultants and Health Professionals. When applying you will be asked to:

      • Completed a short registration form so that we can get to know you better!
      • Upload a copy of your certificate
      Does it REALLY matter how much experience I have?
      We want to make sure you get the most out of the training course and have the best possible experience with us! If you have little baby care experience, and you are looking to gain more knowledge and practical experience supporting parents with newborns, then we offer a level 3 and 4 Postnatal Maternity Nurse Course in London and also online. Through this course all UK candidates can join our newborn placement scheme, which helps to develop confidence and skills! It’s also important that learners have over 3 years newborn baby experience before attending the course, as during webinars and reflective sessions we will be supporting learners to reflect on their experience caring for babies.
      What are the program dates?
      We start on the 18th March and the first official webinar will take place on the 21st March. After this webinars take place on a weekly basis.

      Our 14-day Money Back Guarantee

      We are deeply committed to supporting you in your journey supporting newborns and their parents / carers. With a team of highly skilled specialists supporting you, we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals. As a training team, we have supported thousands of childcare professionals in the UK and internationally. Through our consultancy service, we have supported agencies internationally, to develop their training, policies and procedures and coaching them to success. However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days and decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!

      Rated 1st out of 6,678 UK Training Companies

      But don’t take our word for it…



      5/5 star ‘excellent’ rating from 80 independently verified reviews

      [INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="15931"]
      stars I loved the fact we had time to share experiences and reflect with such an experienced team of specialists.

      Excellent guest speakers and lots of interesting information. I loved the fact we had time to share experiences and reflect with such an experienced team of specialists. I found the talk on birth trauma and bereavement part by the psychologist particularly fascinating. It was great to be round an equally experienced group of professionals and be able to reflect and share practice in a small (all be it lively) group. K Barrett, 2017

      stars This course gave me lots of new information for future jobs and was really interesting

      This course gave me lots of new information for future jobs and was really interesting. I loved the PTSD section as this was something I had not though of before, and found all of the props, video and case studies really useful. Met a really interesting group of women and am glad I was able to update my knowledge.

      stars I would recommend it to all Maternity Nurses to update their skills and anyone currently working, or wishing to work, postnatally.

      I did my Level 5 Maternity Nurse training with Babyem at the beginning of this year and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Evidence-based, compassionate and sympathetic to the developmental needs of new babies and led by top speakers including Lyndsey Hookway who, as a Lactation Consultant and gentle sleep consultant, really knows her stuff and delivers it in a highly engaging way. I’m really pleased I chose this company to do my Level 5 through and would recommend it to all Maternity Nurses to update their skills and anyone currently working, or wishing to work, postnatally. M Kelly, 2016

      stars Jam packed with information, tools and goals.

      AMAZING! I cannot recommend this two day Maternity Nurse Course enough, both Lyndsey and Emma are a fountain of knowledge and they relay their wisdom and experience to the group so well; they don’t patronise or make you feel silly. The course is jam packed with information, tools and goals. They also enlisted the help of a well known agency who talked about becoming self employed, contracts, gaining work and much more! I cannot wait to put what I have learnt to use and already thinking about booking my next course with them! A huge thank you x Jayne Morey, 2015