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      Maternity Nurse Training – OCN London Levels 3, 4 and 5

      About Babyem

      Our acclaimed Maternity Nurse Training courses provide those wanting to become Maternity Nurses or those already working with babies an opportunity to further their skills. The Maternity Nurse Training course is available at a level 3, 4 and 5 through Open College Network (OCN London).

      Ongoing professional development and career coaching
      Highly successful newborn work placement scheme
      Course delivered by UK leading baby care specialists

      At Babyem holistic and evidence based practice is at the heart of everything we teach. We achieve this through our Maternity Nurse Training by:


      Having a multi agency team of industry experts support you.

      Our speakers have written systematic reviews contributed to medical journals and run their own private practices.

      We cut through the myths and support you to help parents to make informed choices.

      We don’t just tell you WHAT to do, we tell you WHY (based on evidence) and HOW to apply theory into PRACTICE to meet the individual needs of each child.

      Support our students to gain skills, confidence and find employment through our newborn placement scheme.

      You can browse current placement opportunities or take a look at how our award-winning Maternity Nurse Training has candidates gain paid employment – as reported in the leading childcare industry magazine, Nursery World.

      Free support for 12 months through our private facebook group.

      Receive monthly Q& A seminars and have your questions answered by industry specialists and experienced Maternity Nurses. Sessions also provide continued learning opportunities to keep our students up to date with best practice and changing guidelines.

      Why complete your Maternity Nurse Training with Babyem?

      Most advanced maternity nurse qualification level in the industry – Accreditation Level 3 – 5

      Most comprehensive maternity course in the industry with 2 days attendance + 2 days of online content + bonus baby massage workshop. Ensuring you feel prepared in your role supporting newborns and parents

      Voted number 1 training agency by the independent review site freeindex

      Affordable instalment plans available, enabling you to pay weekly, monthly or over 6 months


      Guest speakers from leading Maternity Agencies attend our courses, providing essential practical information and career guidance to ensure you feel confident starting your role

      Learn in beautiful surroundings

      FREE baby massage workshop for each participants delivered by the renowned Active Birth Centre in London

      Who is this maternity nurse training for?

      Nannies looking to develop baby care skills in their current role. Or those looking for a more flexible role caring for babies.

      Childcare and Health Professionals

      Childcare professionals such as Nursery Nurses, Childminders, Health Professionals and Family Support Workers who want to support families with babies within a childcare setting or home setting.

      Maternity Nurses

      Maternity Nurses who are wanting to refresh their knowledge with current evidence based practice. As well as those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet the individual needs of babies.
      People who have baby experience and are looking to advance their knowledge in the care of babies or transition into the baby care sector.

      OCN Maternity Nurse Training Online + 2 Days Attendance

      Our Maternity Nurse Training is taught to a Level 4 standard, and you have the flexibility to complete the Level 3 or the Level 4 assessment (or both only paying the level 4 cost). Candidates that book the Level 4 course, receive 3 additional bonus modules.





      • Sleep requirements in babies
      • Sleep cycles
      • Signs of tiredness in babies
      • Different sleep associations and how to minimise the use of these
      • How to read a baby’s tiredness cues before they become over tired
      • How to initiate healthy sleep patterns from newborn
      • Challenges babies face at different ages and how to support them
      • Common mistakes people make when supporting babies to sleep
      • Infant brain development
      • Review of different philosophies and approaches regarding sleep
      • Gentle (evidence-based) sleep techniques to encourage babies to self-settle/sleep through the night
      • Infant soothing techniques
      • Sudden infant death syndrome, sleep in newborns
      • Health & care of newborns





      • (This section is delivered by a guest speaker from a leading maternity agency)
      • Finding employment as a Maternity Nurse (or other related fields caring for newborns) and setting rates contracts
      • Interviews & creating a winning CV
      • Finding employment as a Maternity Nurse (or other related fields caring for newborns) and setting rate
      • Working with agencies and marketing yourself
      • Gaining Newborn Experience – OPTIONAL maternity work placement programme.





      • How babies feed, including infant suckling/sucking
      • How to ensure the correct positioning and attachment of baby onto the breast
      • Getting milk supply set up correctly and building up the supply
      • Feeding patterns and how to tell a good feed
      • How to implement a sustainable feeding routine
      • Breastfeeding difficulties including cracked nipples, nipple trauma, engorgement, mastitis and thrush
      • Expressing milk, including methods and when to do this
      • Supplementing feeds, including reasons to supplement and how to effectively do this.
      • Bottle feeding, including pace feeding and how to prepare and store bottles.
      • Implications of mixed feeding





      • Common illnesses in infants and young children
      • Signs and symptoms of fevers, throat, ear and urinary infections, chicken pox, febrile convulsions, diarrhoea and vomiting, hand foot and mouth, impetigo, ringworm
      • When medical attention should be sought





      • How babies feed, including infant suckling/sucking.
      • Ensuring the correct positioning and attachment of baby onto the breast.
      • Getting milk supply correctly established and building up the supply.
      • Expressing milk, including methods and when to do this.
      • Supplementing feeds, including reasons to supplement and how to effectively do this.
      • Bottle feeding, including pace feeding and how to prepare and store bottles.
      • Breastfeeding problems and strategies to support parents.





      • Symptoms of colic, non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment for colic.
      • Symptoms of reflux (including physiological reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease).
      • Treatment for reflux and knowing when to see a specialist.
      • The role of genes, bacteria, stress, nutrition and environmental toxins in the development of allergies.
      • Exploration of the different types of allergy, including lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy.
      • Understand how to help a baby with allergies.





      • Personal, Social and Emotional development
      • Physical development
      • Speech, language and communication development
      • Cognitive development





      • Signs and symptoms of serious illness in babies
      • Meningitis – signs and symptoms
      • When to seek help
      • Premature, sick and low birth weight babies





      • Potential issues after a vaginal or caesarean birth and how to support a mother as a Maternity Nurse
      • Signs and symptoms of postnatal mood disorders
      • Bleeding – what’s normal or not
      • Lifting, moving and exercising
      • Diet and rest





      • Chronological vs. corrected age
      • Particular areas of concern post-discharge
      • How maternity nurses can help to care for premature babies and provide support to parents
      • Breastfeeding and other feeding methods

      Level 4 Maternity Nurse Training (bonus modules)





      • How families are changing
      • Different cultural groups that have distinct and specific needs
      • How to support the LGBT community





      • Developmental milestones
      • Leaps and phases





      • Flat head syndrome – is it all the same?
      • Synostotic v Non Synostotic flat head syndrome
      • Treatment plans available

      PLUS A FREE baby massage workshop

      When you sign up today!
      The baby massage workshop will be led by Lynn Murphy, co-director of the renowned Active Birth Centre in North London. She will be delivering a taster baby massage workshop for candidates at the end of the first day of the Maternity Nurse Training.

      Level 3 & 4 Maternity Nurse Training Course Dates & Details

      DETAILS:  Our course consists of 1 day online + 2 days in-person training + bonus modules (For Level 4 ).

      Booking Process:

      Step 1 – Pay for the course
      Step 2 – After payment, select the preferred appointment ( please see dates below or on this web page )
      Step 3 – You will be sent an invoice and a welcome email

      DATES in 2021: 24th and 25th Apr, 15th and 16th May, 19th and 20th Jun, 17th and 18th Jul, 14th and 15th Aug, Sept TBC, 23rd and 24th Oct, 20th and 21st Nov, Dec TBC

      VENUE: *TEMPORARY VENUE* The Holiday Inn – Kensington Forum, 97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4DN

      TIME: Saturday 9am – 6pm (including FREE baby massage workshop) and Sunday 9am – 5pm.

      Please refer to our cancellation and refund policy HERE prior to booking. You will be asked to confirm you agree to the terms of this policy at the point of registration. 

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.

      Flexible Payment Plans

      Level 3:

      Level 4:

      What people are saying about our Maternity Nurse Training.
      “I completed 4 placements with Babyem, which were a mixture of multiples and single babies. I gained such diverse experience that was invaluable, including supporting with the care of a baby with a severe kidney condition (referred from Great Ormond St Hospital), and also with a baby that had a severe demonological skin condition. Although I had worked as a nanny for 16 year prior to completing the maternity nurse training, without this course and the placements and on going support I don’t think I would have been working as a Maternity Nurse. I learnt so much evidence based information that really helped me understand the importance of why certain approaches are followed. Having such a qualified teacher made a big difference, as being a known Lactation Consultant and Sleep Specialist I felt confident that we were being taught the most up to date methods, but also coming from someone that deals with complex issues on a daily basis through her own practice” Rabia Doucoure
      “Having initially trained as a Midwife I knew I had always wanted to work with newborns. Eventually I came across Babyem’s Postnatal Maternity Training course and decided to take the leap. I wanted a course that would teach me as much as possible, ranging from newborn sleep to colic and reflux, most importantly from a credible evidence-based point of view! The course was excellent and our trainer was fantastic. She answered a lot of questions and gave us a lot of ideas to build on and help be prepared for the maternity world. I loved every single minute of the placements I completed supporting 2 families with twins, where I completed a mixture of days and nights. Yes I supported them a great deal but honestly, I learned so much in return too. I think the placement scheme has been an excellent opportunity for learning and gaining experience. I love what I do and always knew that I would, and now I have finally got there with the support of Babyem!” Holly Austin

      “I got offered a job after just one day on Babyem’s Maternity Placement Scheme, working with twins which were 6-weeks premature. I found the placement challenging yet extremely satisfying. The course has boosted my confidence and practical understanding of babies and mothers in the early stages, and their emotions. I definitely would like to pursue maternity nursing as a full-time job – it’s challenging, but my placement with Babyem has given me a very good start!” Darcey David

      “Prior to completing the Maternity Nurse course with Babyem, I worked as a family involvement officer in a childrens centre. However, I was looking for a career that was flexible and where I could work around my family doing what I love – caring for babies and new parents. The course exceeded my expectations on every level. It was evidence based and the Babyem team go out of their way to give you the support you need. I completed four placements with Babyem, both single babies and twins. All my experiences working with families were great and all the babies were gorgeous! I am currently working as a maternity nurse, and feel leaving families equipped and enabled is very rewarding.” Tolani Fajobi
      “I came across maternity nursing by chance after reading about it on the internet which immediately triggered my interest. As a stay at home mother, it looked like the perfect job for me as I have always had a passion for babies. I course was brilliant, and the outcome from completing the placements was the biggest surprise of all – I was offered a paid 2-month booking! I cannot tell you how happy I am with this outcome. For me, getting references was my main focus and my only expectation – getting a job from a placement never crossed my mind. I am now 2 weeks into my 2 month booking and feeling so grateful for being given this opportunity; I’m loving every minute.” Lesley Pournara
      9 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Maternity Nurse!

      Be part of a supportive online community and receive on-going support and CPD training.

      Join our private facebook group and receive the following support:


      Monthly live Q & A sessions, which include talks by industry specialists, who are able to share their expertise with you.

      Opportunity to ask burning questions to specialists who have led the recorded webinars and receive personalised feedback.

      Coaching sessions by dynamic business coach to support you to overcome barriers and move forward in your career

      Support from experienced Maternity Nurses who are able to provide practical guidance and share their knowledge in order to help you feel confident


      Connect with peers and make new friends (even if you are an introvert!). Join our 3-way accountability program and be matched with like minded individuals.

      Babyem newborn placement scheme

      We believe the training is the first step for many of our learners and know how important it is to also have ‘hands on’ experience in order to gain employment. Babyem supports candidates who have attended the Maternity Nurse Training course to gain practical experience supporting parents with newborns 0-3 months. We work closely with a range of organisations including NCT groups, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the national multiples groups TAMBA and Twins UK as well as receiving many self -referrals from parents. All of our learners in the UK have access to our work placement opportunities with 85% of candidates reporting that this experience has helped them gain employment within the first 6 months of completing the course.

      Working in partnership with:




      “At Nannies Incorporated we need our maternity nurses to be the best in the industry. We work closely with Babyem and are continuously impressed by their level of maternity and nanny training, some of which we have undertaken ourselves. We recommend Babyem as they support our maternity nurses and nannies to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully help our families.”

      Nannies Incorporated

      “Having attended the Level 3 & 4, I saw first hand the superior content and I can highly recommend Babyem as a maternity nurse course provider. Those with a background in childcare wishing to train as a maternity nurse should enrol and, after completing the course, should accept as many Babyem training placements as possible to kick start their career. The 2-day courses are intensive and all students will leave brimming with essential knowledge and confidence”.

      Maternally Yours

      “We at Eden know the importance of a good maternity course. We are really impressed not only with the content of the Babyem course and all that it covers, but also the teaching style and the flow of the day. The Eden team believe it will go a long way in helping maternity nurses keep up-to- date with new working practices”.

      Eden Private Staff

      “Professional Nannies and Maternity Nurses need to keep up to date with their training and development. Our Nanny candidates have given us good feedback about the courses offered by Babyem, which cover a comprehensive range of skills and subjects for both childcare professionals and parents.”

      Greycoat Lumleys

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Maternity Nurse Training Payment Options
      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. You can view these HERE or contact us on: 0208 986 9008.
      Why complete your Maternity Nurse Training with Babyem?
      We are proud to be voted the number 1 training agency, out of 6411 by FreeIndex, based on over 60 independent ratings. We understand the importance of putting theory into practice and operate a free maternity training scheme, working with agencies, associations, hospitals and universities throughout the UK. We are the only training agency to have a specialist multi-agency team. Our postnatal Maternity Nurse Training is delivered by a UK leading lactation consultant and sleep specialist who has written policies and best practice guidance for the premature baby charity Bliss. Our Maternity Nurse Training is promoted in industry magazines such as Nursery World.
      Maternity Nurse Training Assessment
      We recognise that for many people completing the maternity qualification may feel anxious about the assignment, especially if they haven´t studied for a long time. We also recognise that many individuals would like to take a part in an advanced maternity course with the option of completing the assignment at the level that suits them. Our approach to training is flexible and affordable. Our 2 day intensive Maternity Nurse Training course is degree level and candidates can than choose to complete the post course maternity nurse assessment at a level 3 (A – level standard) or level 4 (degree standard) through Open College Network. Our students also have the benefit of being able to upgrade their maternity nurse qualification at a later date if they would like to (only paying the difference). The assessments consist of a series of essay-based questions based on the subjects taught during the attendance based course, also practical assessments which take place during the course.
      We provide access to up-to-date research
      Candidates have access to the Babyem resource file, which includes videos, articles, journals and recommended books, webinars and websites.
      How long do we have to complete the course assessment?
      Candidates are emailed a study pack, after the course and are given 7 weeks to complete the assessment questions, before sending the completed answers back to us by email. We are happy to provide assistance with course work by email and phone.
      Do you provide additional support? We are happy to provide additional support to anyone that needs it, please do let us know how we can assist you by calling us on 0208 986 9008.
      We have candidates from a wide range of roles attend our course from Childminders to Nannies and Maternity Nurses to Midwives. However, we require candidates to have at least 1 year’s baby experience (including newborn experience) before attending this course.
      Directions to Venue


      London Marriott Hotel County Hall Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB Tel: +44 20 7928 5200 Direction Map: https://www.marriott.co.uk/hotels/maps/travel/lonch-london-marriott-hotel-county-hall/


      From Heathrow Airport: Take the M4 to West London. Follow the Cromwell Road to Knightsbridge and then on to Hyde Park Corner, where you follow the road to Buckingham Palace. From there take The Mall to Westminster Bridge. Cross the bridge and the hotel is through the arch on the left, just past the statue of the white lion. From Gatwick Airport: M23 to A23 toward central London. Follow signs to Westminster. The hotel is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and next to Westminster Bridge. Other Transportations:  Bus Station: Victoria Coach Station 1 mile S from hotel Subway Station: Waterloo 0.1 miles S from hotel ,   Westminster 0.1 miles N from hotel Train Station:  Waterloo 0.2 miles E from hotel Car Parking: Near by affordable parking and free parking areas. Download information sheet here >> 

      How does the blended learning course work?
      All candidates are required to complete the distance learning part of the course before attending, and will be provided with a separate certificate for this. Candidates will also have access to the online learning modules after the course specifically relating to setting up their own business and completing placements. All our candidates then complete the same attendance based course, pitched at level 4 (degree level) – see below.
      Can we complete the level 3 assessment and then complete the level 4 assessment at a later date?
      We pitch our 2 day course at level 4 as feedback from our candidates is that they like to be learning new things during the course and be pushed intellectually.  After the 2 day course candidates can choose to complete the level 3 assessment paper or the level 4 assessment paper. If you have chosen to complete the course at a level 3, you can go on at a later date and complete the level 4 assessment paper, and only pay the difference i.e. £175.
      Will this course help me get a Maternity Nurse training job at the end?
      Babyem is a not a recruitment agency, however, we work with a number of leading Nanny and Maternity Agencies in the field (you can find a list of our recommended agencies HERE) and provide support with CV writing as a basic service to all our candidates.
      Does Babyem work with maternity agencies?
      We always have a Maternity Nurse consultant come along from leading agencies such as Eden Nannies and Greycoat Lumleys to talk to candidates about the practical aspects of working as a Maternity Nurse including creating a winning CV, payment, becoming self employed, maintaining confidentiality and maintaining boundaries. Many candidates state how beneficial it is to meet agency representatives face to face and gain valuable advice. In addition, a number of the representatives that come along have worked as Maternity Nurses and are able to share their personal experiences.
      Does the Babyem newborn placement scheme support candidates to get paid employment?
      Different agencies like you to have different amounts of newborn experience before taking you on their books. Our newborn maternity placement scheme enables candidates to get newborn experience with the support of an experienced childcare team to help them every step of the way. We receive referrals from a wide range of charities and organisations, from the National Childcare Trust (NCT) to Great Ormond Street Hospital, and from multiples groups such as Twins UK to Local Authorities. Placements are a fantastic opportunity to build skills, develop confidence and become more employable!

      Babyem Team

      Lyndsey Hookway
      Emma Dewey
      Babyem specialises in offering accredited childcare and postnatal maternity nurse training courses in the UK, internationally and also online. The Babyem team consists of over 20 antenatal and postnatal specialists ranging from Lactation Consultants to Early Years Educators.

      In addition to running Babyem, Emma works with organisations internationally as far afield as Nigeria and China to support them to develop their training, policies and procedures.

      With a background in Children Services, Emma has speaks frequently at conferences and has written a number of best practice guidance documents for Local Authorities and Associations, including creating the British Association of Au Pair Agencies (BAPAA) childcare handbook.

      Vanessa Christie
      Shel is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with extensive experience within the NHS in research, training and project management. Her own successful private practice assists mothers and babies with feeding issues, and she also works in the tertiary sector with various national organisations.
      She is the author of “Why Formula Feeding Matters”, and is currently working on the Cochrane systematic reviews on Infantile Colic. Shel is heavily involved in the voluntary sector being the Vice-Chair for the UK Association of Milk Banking, and Chair of Communications Team for the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.
      Shel Banks
      Lyndsey is an experienced Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Having trained under Chireal Shallow of the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic, Lyndsey now runs the highly successful sleep consultancy ‘Little Sleepers’, supporting families internationally. Lyndsey has spoken at several national conferences on breastfeeding, sleep and supporting families and has written a number of published articles.
      Lynn Murphy
      Julianne is a highly experienced perinatal psychologist with extensive experience working in the NHS. Her private practice supports parents and parents-to-be with a wide variety of issues including anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy, miscarriage and reproductive loss, attachment issues, re-emergence of childhood issues and couples issues.
      Julianne is a member of the Birth Trauma Association and Association for Infant Mental Health, and she specialises in working therapeutically with birth trauma, PTSD and tokophobia (fear of giving birth).
      Shel Banks
      Hannah Rose looks after health and wellness relationships for Elvie, the London femtech company creating extraordinary products to improve women’s lives, including products to help with the pelvic floor. Hannah Rose helps professionals integrate the Elvie Trainer into the care that they deliver, as well as managing research on the positive impact this has for patients. She joined in 2015 from her role as COO of a healthtech startup that creates apps to encourage innovation in the NHS.
      Lynn Murphy
      Helen has been Support Services Manager for Tamba since August 2014 and she is also a mother of twins. She qualified as a nurse in 1984 and has extensive experience in health promotion, telephone triage, coaching, education and training . Helen is responsible for overseeing all our support services including Twinline, Specialist support groups, honorary consultants, helping hands, expectant and parenting courses and engaging with maternity units in England and Wales.
      Shel Banks
      Kay began her physiotherapy career in the musculoskeletal arena having undertaken post graduate training both in the UK and Canada. She established Physiolink in 1990. Building on her spinal background she diversified into Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction and is now one of the leading physiotherapists in this field in the UK. She completed a programme of research investigating pelvic floor exercises in collaboration with The University of Hertfordshire and Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospitals. Kay has published and presented her research internationally and in Spring 2008 was awarded the prize for best scientific presentation at the annual conference of CSUK (Continence Society UK). Her doctoral degree was awarded in June 2014.

      Rated 1st out of 6,678 UK Training Companies! But don’t take our word for it…

      5/5 star ‘excellent’ rating from 90 independently verified reviews

      stars I can honestly say that it is the best course I have ever attended, and I have done many over the years.

      I have just returned from London having completed the Level 3 Maternity nurse course. What a wonderful weekend! I can honestly say that it is the best course I have ever attended, and I have done many over the years. The course is delivered so well and the topics covered are up to date and very informative. I would highly recommend anyone who looks after babies or is interested in a career as a Maternity nurse to apply through Babyem. Well done all of you and thank you! A special thank you to Lyndsey who made the two days even more memorable by her warm and witty approach!! K H Mac, May 2017

      stars Genuinely would highly recommend the MNT course.

      I have completed my level 4 maternity nurse award with Babyem and would highly recommend the course. I have also done the paediatric first aid too. The MNT was a very thorough course and covered all aspects in depth . Vanessa who was the trainer was fantastic and clearly passionate about her job hence delivering such a fantastic course. I was unsure with parts of the coursework but pleasantly surprised at Emma answering the phone to guide me countless number of times without hesitating ! Genuinely would highly recommend this MNT course.
      T Zohra, April 2017
      stars I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to have a career in this field

      I have just completed the OCN Level 4 Maternity Nurse Care course. I found the course to be highly professional and educational. We were privileged to be tutored by Vanessa Christie who gave us a great insight as to what is expected of us as Maternity Nurses. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to have a career in this field.
      J Whyte, 2017
      stars I have done a few courses with Babyem, and I cannot recommend them highly enough

      I have done a few courses with Babyem, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The courses provide you with the knowledge needed to further your skills when working within the childcare environment. They are fun, very informative and the tutors are always on hand to assist you with the course content. I look forward to doing more courses with them in the future. H Van Dort, Jan 2017