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      Maternity Nurse Work Experience

      Benefits of completing newborn maternity nurse placements?

      Gaining newborn experience when starting your career in essential, and a key requirement by most agencies. Our newborn maternity nurse placement schemes enables candidates to put theory into practice, helping candidates to develop skills, knowledge and confidence. We have built an excellent reputation within the sector, and receive referrals from multiple agencies including Great Ormond Street hospital, TAMBA and Twins UK, as well as parent groups such as NCT throughout the country.

      We provide one to one support:

      We understand that candidates attending our Maternity Nurse Training have different levels of experience. We work with each candidate individually to ascertain their needs and requirements, before placing candidates with families. We recognise that some trainee Maternity Nurses need to develop confidence, and other candidates are looking to develop their experience caring for multiples, or babies with more complex needs. Our scheme enables candidate of all levels to find a placement that will help them to develop as a Maternity Nurse.

      We work with leading Maternity Nurse agencies:

      We are the only agency that always has a consultant from a leading Maternity Agency attend our Maternity Nurse Training course. Candidates have fed back to us, how useful it is to meet agencies during the course, and build relationships early on. Agencies provide practical information regarding working as a Maternity Nurse, pay scales based on experience, contracts and lots of tips and advice. We believe our partnership with agencies in an essential part in helping candidates put the knowledge they have learnt during our course into context.

      Support from the Babyem team:

      We understand the importance of having a support network around you to help you feel confident in your role as a Maternity Nurse. We are lucky to have a highly experienced Maternity Nurse Training team who are able to do just that! Our course tutors are qualified Paediatric Nurses, Health Visitors, Lactation Consultants and Sleep Specialists. Both trainers have extensive knowledge training GP’s, Nurses and Childcarers, as well as consulting for charities such as Bliss (the largest premature charity in the UK) as well as the NHS.


      How does the newborn Maternity placement scheme work?

       Candidates need to have the following items in place before starting the maternity placement scheme.


      Completed the Babyem OCN London Level 3 or 4 Maternity Nurse Training


      Valid public liability insurance


      DBS check


      Paediatric First Aid certificate


      Up to date date CV (we support candidates with this process)


      Completed the Maternity Nurse placement registration form

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where are placements advertised?

      Placements are advertised on our website maternity nurse work experience page, and also on our facebook page. All placements vary in location, date and times. Most placements take place during the week, usually when partners are at work, however, we do also have a number of weekend placements.

      What age are the babies that we support?

      We only work with parent in the first 3 months (mostly in the first month).

      What days do we need to work?

      We recognise that many candidates are only available for half days, or at the weekend, and our role is to work with both parents and candidates to make it work for both parties!

      How long do we work with each family?

      We recommend that candidates work with a family between 2 – 5 days in order to build a relationship with the parents and baby. Each family is asked to provide a reference and to provide feedback in order to support candidates to develop their CV and develop their skills and confidence.

      Can we take a part in multiple placements?

      Candidates are able to complete multiple placements, and there is no time frame in which placements need to be completed.

      Are placements paid or unpaid?

      We provide a mixture of paid and unpaid newborn placements. Parents are always required to cover Maternity Nurses travel expenses and food cost as a basic requirement. Receipts need to be given to parents in order for payment to be made.

      How are my expenses paid back to me?

      Expenses are paid directly to the candidate on a daily basis. If its cheaper to buy a travel card this is discussed with the parent.

      How many placements do I need to do to find a job?

      Candidates are able to complete as many placements as they want to. You can read how our placements have supported people to find employment.

      Babyem is a training agency and not a recruitment agency. Although we work closely with parents, candidates and maternity nurse agencies, we do not hold any responsibility for candidates gaining employment.

      Will I get a reference?

      Yes , parents are aware that they need to provide a reference and complete our feedback form.

      For more information please send your completed documents to info@babyem.co.uk . If you have any questions feel free to contact Babyem on: 0208 986 9008.

      If you are a parent, charity or antenatal class looking for more information regarding how our newborn maternity nurse placement scheme supports newborns please click HERE or call us on: 0208 986 9008.


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