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      National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week 6th-12th July

      This week we celebrate National Childhood Obesity Week in the UK. Childhood obesity is one of the most serious health epidemics facing our society today. In the UK, according to the latest statistics, the prevalence of obesity has increased since 1995, where 11 per cent of boys and 12 per cent of girls aged 2-15 were obese.[1]

      Figures now show that one in three children in the UK are overweight, while one in five are obese. [2]

      Being obese or overweight can have serious consequences including, cardio-vascular (heart and blood) disease, cancer,  type 2 diabetes,  infertility, asthma, fatty liver, gallstones and high blood pressure.

      Supporting children to become healthy adults:

      Numerous studies show that the basis of good health in later years is laid down in child´s formative years. Essentially, healthy children make healthy adults.
      Besides the potential physical health problems associated with living an unhealthy lifestyle, studies also show that children who eat a healthy diet (especially breakfast) are more likely to do better at school, as they are better able to concentrate. (3)

      There are number of ways to support children to lead a healthy lifestyle, including:

      • Start providing a variety of healthy foods using different textures during the weaning stage.
      • Be a good role model, children learn by copying parents/carers and other children.
      • Encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle by being more physically active.
      • Eat sensibly and avoid junk and processed food and drinks.
      • Encourage children to eat a balanced diet, incorporating plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
      • Beware of portion sizes! Offer children small child-sized portions.
      • Follow a daily routine with 3 meals, and snacks evenly spaced between meals.
      • Keep unhealthy foods such as biscuits and sweets away from temptation!

      Babyem Food and Nutrition Course for Children and Young People

      Babyem specialises in training for Nannies, Maternity Nurses and household staff. We offer the OCN Level 3 Food and Nutrition Course for Children and Young People. The course addresses topics such as nutrition, in babies, toddlers and children, creating healthy meals and snacks, managing fussy eating and supporting children with different dietary requirements.  Courses take place regularly in central London. For more information please contact us on: 0208 986 9008, email: visit: