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      Newborn Babycare Specialists | 13 August 2019yy

      No matter where you are in your business as a newborn babycare specialist, there are amazing tools that can save you dozens of hours per week, automate key marketing activities, and save you thousands of pounds on pricey graphic designers, programmers and tech wizards. 


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      1. Design 

      We use Canva for everything! It’s the ultimate design tool for non-designers and it’s FREE! We have used it to create everything from social media adverts, presentations, receipts, sleep diaries, contractsand much more. Using Canva you will – in no time – be on your merry way to building a memorable online brand!

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      2. Website Design

      With Themeforest, you don’t need to spend a lot on web design. In fact there are so many great themes you can use. ThemeForest is one of the most popular places to buy WordPress themes. When building a successful website, your chosen theme is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. After all, a theme is primarily responsible for not only a website’s style and design, but often much of its functionality as well. Buying a theme is not a decision you should make lightly. Instead, you’ll want to weigh up all of your options before jumping in — and, when it comes to options, ThemeForest is a site that really can’t be beaten.

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      3. Website Hosting

      If you’re starting from the very beginning, I recommend creating a website with wordpress.org and hosting it with Bluehost. It’s an effective and affordable way to make sure your site is always up and running. Bluehost is a popular hosting service among small business owners and bloggers. Hence the reason, I’m recommending Bluehost for people who want to create their website using WordPress.

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      4. Social Media Posting

      Buffer is the best social media scheduler for busy businesses that need an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduling calendar along with metrics on individual post-performance, instead of just overall performance analysis. Buffer also offers a unique feature that allows you to reschedule popular posts with one-click inside their reports. Buffer offers social media post scheduling on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Buffer also has a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar that allows you to move content from one spot in your calendar to another easily. It also has a report that shows the most popular and unpopular posts on each platform individually instead of just as a group with an option to “re-buffer,” or reuse, popular posts.

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      5. Evernote

      You may already be familiar with this wildly popular tool. Evernote is a crowd favourite among entrepreneurs and marketers. It’s great for taking notes and brainstorming, especially on-the-go. A big bonus for us is that it’s almost impossible to outgrow Evernote. You can start with the free version as a beginner, and upgrade later.

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      6. Google Hangout

      If you are conducting online consultations with clients, choosing a reliable platform is key. We find SKYPE unreliable at times, so it’s good to have a back-up plan (or a better plan A) so if there are any technical issues you are ready. Google Hangout is super easy to use, and connects across computers, Android, and Apple devices.

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      7. Fiverr

      Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for small businesses. There are some things we can’t or just don’t want to do! We have found a core team of freelancers from all over the world to help with drafting legal templates, creating social media assets, creating landing pages, website amends and much more at very affordable prices.

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      8. Hellosign

      HelloSign is a free eSignature platform where you can send and receive electronic signatures securely. Contracts can now be completed quickly and securely online making life easier for everyone!

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      9. Trello

      Trello is the visual way for teams to collaborate on any project. We find Trello easy to use and it’s great if you are multi-tasking a lot. It allows you to organise everything very easily and we love the drag and drop function.

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      10. Mailchimp

      If you are not using an email marketing program yet, you are missing out. Building an e -mail list is the very best way to build trust with potential clients. You want to have a visible option box on your website and send out high value information to your clients and potential clients, so they start seeing you as the expert you are! If you are starting out and not dealing with huge numbers then mail chimp is a very good bet. There is a free option and as you grow you pay slightly more!

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