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      Interview with Irene Najjuko – Maternity Placement Scheme

      Interview with Irene Najjuko – Maternity Placement Scheme

      What did you learn during the OCN Level 4 Maternity Nurse Training Course?

      During training I learnt how to support mothers in a variety of areas from implementing a gentle sleep routine, how to effectively breastfeed their baby (including positioning and attachment), easing colic and reflux, knowing about baby illnesses, caring for premature babies etc… We also had an agency pop in that was great to understand more about getting work, realistic prices to charge, contracts and agency expectations. The maternity tutors were very knowledgeable and funny, and information was delivered in a very clear and precise way that I understood.

      Tell us about the maternity placements you have completed?

      I have completed five placements so far with Babyem, including supporting parents with single and multiple babies, including triplets!  I found completing maternity placements to be a great opportunity to put all the theory we learnt into practice. The placements have also enabled me to build my CV through gaining new born experience and gain references from parents.

      The whole process has helped me to develop in confidence in both caring for newborns (singles and multiples) and also working closely with parents. I developed skills in many ways, during my first newborn maternity placement I worked with an 8-week old baby who had colic. In addition to supporting the family with general baby care duties, I showed the parents different soothing techniques, which helped calm the baby.

      During another placement I worked with twins, one of which had reflux. During this position I was able to show the parents how to help the baby feel more comfortable, especially when sleeping, feeding and after the feeds. We also created a routine for both babies, which helped the Mum to relax and accomplish a few tasks.

      Since completing the course and doing placements I have now been signed up with a few agencies and have already completed a few maternity positions!


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      April 1, 2015