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      Interview with Rabia Doucoure – Maternity Placement Scheme


      What experience have you gained through the Maternity placement scheme?

      In total I have completed 4 placements with Babyem, which were a mixture of multiples and single babies. I gained such diverse experience which was invaluable, including supporting with the care of a baby with a severe kidney condition (referred from Great Ormond St Hospital), and also with a baby that had a severe demonological skin condition.

      I have also learnt importance of emotional support, and the importance of listening rather than having a prescribed method. I was able to develop my skills and confidence in supporting parents to implement sleep routines. I supported one mother whose baby who would only sleep in her arms, and we managed to successfully get the baby to settle on its own which was a real achievement, and also very rewarding to see a parent so happy. I also supported a mother with twins who had a problem putting twins to bed, and often one baby would wake up and wake the other baby. During the placement I was able to support to help babies become more in sync with each other.

      How has the Maternity Nurse Placement scheme supported you to find work?

      Although I had worked as a nanny for 16 year prior to completing the maternity nurse training with Babyem, without this course and and the placements and ongoing support I don’t think I would have been working as a Maternity Nurse. I learnt so much evidence based information that really helped me understand the importance of why certain approaches are followed. Having such a qualified teacher made a big difference, as being a known Lactation Consultant and Sleep Specialist I felt confident that we were being taught the most up to date methods, but also coming from someone that deals with complex issues on a daily basis through her own practice.

      What are your plans for the future?

      I am now working as a maternity nurse and I am booked until September 2015!


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      April 1, 2015