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      Infant Allergies, Colic & Reflux Training ONLINE


      This course is for those working with families with babies who are suffering from colic or reflux, and who are showing signs of lactose intolerance, cows’ milk protein allergy and other food allergies and intolerances. Reflux and cows milk allergy is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. We want to give you the key information you need to know to better support families you are working with.

      During our online Infant Allergies, Reflux and Colic Training we will teach you:

      How to prevent, detect and manage what’s going on for infants During the course you will learn how to prevent, detect, understand and manage what’s going on for these distressed infants. You will also explore how it might be prevented in the future and what the underlying causes are and reduce symptoms and get baby back to being happy.
      Key strategies regarding on how to support families. You will learn practical steps to support families with evidence based information and case histories shared by specialists with decades of experience supporting families with infantile crying, allergy and immune disorder. We will be discussing the most up to date evidence base for management of symptoms in all milk fed babies, covering medications, other prescription products, dietary changes and all kinds of other management strategies.
      What the latest evidence is, and the implications for prevention and management of these troubling symptoms. We’ll be sharing with you the newest spheres of scientific understanding including the microbiome, early neurological development and epigenetics. We will also be exploring existing understanding of allergy and immune disorder, to help you understand the background of the symptoms.

      What you receive when you sign up to the Babyem online Infant Allergies, Reflux and Colic Training:

      With our online infant allergies, reflux and colic training, you have the benefit of completing the course in your own time, at home, on the go, day or night.

      Course highlights include:

      5 core modules, which include a mixture of text, audio, videos and quizzes to support all learning styles.
      Listen to the audio version of the course. This gives you the flexibility to absorb the course material on the go!
      Practical how-to documents that guide you through consultations.
      Free support through our private facebook group. Being part of our active community you will have your questions answered by course tutors, which will support you not only when working through the course but also when working with families.

      CERP’s available for this course:
      OCN Non accredited – Infant Allergies, Reflux & Colic Training Course – 6.25 L CERP’s 

      Who is this colic, reflux and infant allergies course for?

      Nannies who are caring for younger children, and are looking to develop their knowledge of infant allergies, reflux and colic. Or who are looking to pursue a career caring for babies.
      Childcare and Health Professionals
      Childcare professionals such as Nursery Nurses, Childminders and Health Professionals who support families with babies within a childcare setting, home setting or a clinic and are keen to deepen their knowledge, regarding evidence based practice relating to infant allergies, reflux and colic.
      Babycare Specialists
      Babycare specialists such as Maternity Nurses and Doulas who want to deepen their knowledge with current evidence based practice and who want to explore options and strategies to support clients and their babies with new and unresolved issues related to infant allergies, reflux and colic.
      Professionals who have baby experience and are looking to advance their knowledge in the care of babies and have a particular interest in infant allergies, reflux and colic.

      What’s included in the Infant Allergies, Reflux & Colic Course 

      Module 1

      Understanding the infant gut
      • Human evolution and baby survival
      • Babies and milk
      • The immune system

      Module 2

      Colic, reflux and regurgitation
      • Infantile colic
      • Reflux and regurgitation

      Module 3

      Lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy and intolerance
      • Lactose and lactase in the maturing gut
      • Lactose, lactase and lactose intolerance
      • Cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA)

      Module 4

      Medications and specialist infant formula
      • Medications and other products for colic
      • Medications and other products for reflux
      • Management of babies with CMPA, lactose intolerance and other allergies

      Module 5

      Supporting Families, understanding the evidence, and recognising how to manage symptoms
      • Supporting families with crying babies
      • Items parents can buy
      • Making informed choices about managing symptoms

      What people are saying about the Online Infant Allergies, Reflux and Colic Course

      “I really enjoyed having the flexibility to study at my own pace, as most child carer’s will know, we work long hours and it can be difficult to find a lot of spare time to study and do other things away from our workplace, so flexibility really was key for me! For all of those considering training with Babyem, I really couldn’t recommend them enough.” Amy Fairweather – Nanny 2018
      “I searched for quite a while to find a course, and what won me over with Babyem is how attentive they are…. The course exceeded my expectations and explored all possible topics that I could imagine, all of which was based on scientific research.Thank you Babyem!” Anna-Chrysa Rutter – Nanny & Montessori Teacher, 2018

      The amount of detail about the science and evidence-based information was excellent, felt like I was reading a medical journal!Holly Larkin – Nanny, 2020

      Very Informative especially regarding Cow Milk Protein Allergy.Beatrice Bangi – Maternity Nurse, 2020

      Informative, factual and scientific information – Best CPD I have done to date.Abby Patterson – Nanny, 2020

      This is a topic that is so needed and there is so little evidence based research out there for parents.Laci Tang – Nanny, 2020

      OCN Level 3 Infant Allergies, Reflux & Colic Course Tutors

      Course leader Shel Banks IBCLC, with contributions from Maureen Minchin
      Lyndsey Hookway
      Shel Banks BSc Hon, IBCLC,

      Chair of LIFIB, Infant Feeding Information Specialist and IBCLC
      Shel is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with extensive experience within the NHS in research, training and project management. Her own successful private practice assists mothers and babies with feeding issues, and she also works in the tertiary sector with various national organisations. She is the author of “Why Formula Feeding Matters”, and is currently working on the Cochrane systematic reviews on Infantile Colic. Shel is heavily involved in the voluntary sector being the Vice-Chair for the UK Association of Milk Banking, and Chair of Communications Team for the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.
      Vanessa Christie
      Maureen Minchin BA Hons, MA (Melb) TSTC
      Maureen Minchin is a world renowned medical historian whose 1970s experience of motherhood resulted in her second book, Food for Thought: a parent’s guide to food intolerance, recognized as ground breaking in its treatment of infant allergy. Her third book, Breastfeeding Matters, was declared a “milestone in the history of breastfeeding” by Prof JD Baum. For 35 years she has worked extensively in the area of infant nutrition, including for WHO, and UNICEF, and teaching health professionals in Australia and overseas. She was influential in the creation of IBLCE and BFHI, and a founding (and later Board) member of both ILCA and ALCA. Maureen has continued to work free of charge with families with both infant feeding and allergy problems. Her latest book, Milk Matters: Infant Feeding and Immune Disorder was published in 2015.

      Book your Infant Allergies, Reflux and Colic Training

      Non Accredited £165
      Level 3 Accredited £205
      Level 4 Accredited £240


      How much time does it take each week?
      We estimate that it will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete the online learning material. If you have opted to complete the accreditation, we estimate that this will take approximately 20-30 hours of learning.
      What happens when I sign up?
      Once you successfully make payment, you will receive a receipt. Within 10 minutes, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully enrolled onto the program. You will be sent a welcome email and details will be sent at 9.30am Monday AM. Should you not receive the confirmation email, please send us an email to admin@babyem.co.uk and Roxann will take care of you.
      Will I be assessed during the course?
      Each module (topic) consists of a number of lessons, and most lessons have sub-lessons. After each of the lessons, you will be required to complete short multiple choice questions. You are required to achieve 80% in each of the lessons to pass, however, you are able to retake those tests. Therefore, if you do not pass, you keep retaking until you do!
      Can I talk to you throughout the program?
      Yes! You can contact us through the chat service, by email, Skype or feel free to call. We have also set up a facebook group specifically for attendees completing this course, which is where you can ask your tutors questions and network with other course members.
      Are there any prerequisites before attending this course?
      Before signing up for this course, you are required to have:

      • A good level of conversational English. The course is taught in English and assignments must be completed in English.

      In order to complete the online modules candidates are required to have the following in place:

      • Internet access and a working email address
      • Up to date internet browser such as: Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer/Safari/FireFox.
      • Ability to hear audio/video via your computer
      • Use of a computer to study the course – tablets and smartphones are not advisable for studying.

      Our risk free 10-day money back guarantee

      We are deeply committed to supporting you in your journey as a professional supporting parents and their infants. With a team of highly skilled specialists supporting you, we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals. As a training team, we have supported thousands of childcare professionals in the UK and internationally. Through our consultancy service, we have supported agencies internationally, to develop their training, developing policies and procedures and coaching them to success. However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 10-day money back guarantee. If you join and within 10 days and decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!