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This Sunday, (29 October) the clocks will go back one hour, but what does this mean for babies and children?

What we do know is that the time change can have a more significant impact on children who are not well-rested, resulting in crankiness, night waking, short naps and early morning waking.

Below you can read our 6 tried and tested tips to guide parents and carers through the clock change.

1. Starting the week leading up to the clocks changing… put the child to bed 15 minutes later than normal at bedtime (as well as at nap time). Keep moving the bedtime and nap times 15 minutes later every few days until you get to the hour later. This will help the child adapt gradually to the hour change.

If you are reading this a few days before the clocks go back…….

2.Ensure your child has playtime outside in the afternoon as natural light triggers the production of the sleep hormone

3. Avoid letting your child start their day earlier than 6 AM (new time).

4. Schedule the day’s activities so the child does not get overtired.

5. Pay attention to the child’s tired signals and don’t be afraid of an earlier bedtime if necessary

6. Don’t panic! Its likely children may wake up earlier or later for a few days but it does not take long for children to adjust to the new time.