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      Malvis Duke’s experience

      The Babyem OCN Maternity Nurse Training course has helped me in so many ways, I worked as a nanny for two years before completing this course and some of the things I used to over look when working with babies (or worry about) I now know the reasons for!

      Gaining maternity nurse work experience through Babyem

      As part of the course we were supported to gain work experience which has increased my confidence a lot. I was able to support a parent with their two week old twins. Work included, helping to implement a sleep and feeding routine, supporting parents with bath time and helping to ease the symptoms of reflux.

      I worked closely with the Mum, showing her specific feeding positions and supported her and baby to feel comfortable while feeding.

      Babyem course structure

      In terms of the course itself it took place in a lovely venue in central London, it was well presented with a mixture of practical exercises, discussions and presentations. The teacher Deearna was amazing at teaching both the theory and practical knowledge needed to work as a maternity nurse. She patiently explained everything and made sure everyone understood before moving on.

      Using Babyem to gain confidence

      Overall the Babyem Maternity Nurse Training course has helped me gain confidence in myself, and gain considerable knowledge about babies. I am looking forward to working as a professional maternity nurse and in terms of courses there is no better place to start than Babyem!


      For more information regarding the Babyem Level 3, OCN Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training  please contact 0208 986 9008 email: or visit our Maternity Nurse Training page here.