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      What is the common core skills?

      The common core skills describes the basic skills and knowledge that everyone working with children or young people are expected to have. The common core skills sets out six key areas of expertise and the skills needed in each of them.

       These areas include:

       Communicating with children, young people, their parents and carers

      • Child and young person development
      • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child
      • Supporting transitions
      • Multi-agency working
      • Sharing information

      Why do we need a common core skills?

      Many people in this country work with children and have specialist skills. The common core gives all of us a common set of basic skills and knowledge and helps us all to work together better, speak a common language and support children and young people more effectively.  

      Who is the common core skills for?

      The common core is for everyone whose job or voluntary work involves contact with children and young people. That includes people whose jobs only involve working with children some of the time. Examples would include nannies and processionals running after school clubs and holiday schemes.  

      How should you use the common core skills?

      You should practice all six skills described in the common core in a way that is relevant to your work. It can also be used to inform the way training and development is structured, and how job descriptions are written.

      Where can you find out more about the common core skills?

      Babyem deliver the Ofsted compliant Common Core Skills and Knowledge Course on a monthly basis in Oxford, Surrey and Central London. Students can also opt to study the course online. For more information about the course please click here.
      You can also book the course directly by clicking HERE.

      Babyem also deliver a 6 Hour Ofsted compliant Paediatric First Aid Course on a monthly basis in Central London. More information click HERE.
      If you have any questions about the course please contact us via or call 0208 986 9008.