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      OCN level 3 & 4 Tongue-tie & Infant Feeding Course ONLINE

      This course is for childcare, breastfeeding and healthcare professionals who would like to be able to better guide and support families who have babies with tongue-tie. The advanced syllabus will support students to gain a deeper understanding of the different types of tongue-tie, the assessment processes used and the possible treatment available. Students will also learn how to sign-post parents quickly and effectively, and know the effects tongue-tie has on other areas such as feeding and speech.

      Please note this is not a course to train in division.

      What you receive when you sign up to the online Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding training:

      5 core modules, which include a mixture of text, audio, videos, and quizzes to support all learning styles.
      Listen to the audio version of the course that gives you the flexibility to absorb the course material on the go!
      Free support through our private community, where you will have your questions answered by course tutors, which will support you not only when working through the course but also when working with families.
      Be supported by renowned industry specialists including IBCLC and Tongue-tie Specialist Sarah Oakley, as well as a Speech and Language Therapist, Paediatric Osteopath and Dentist.

      CERP’s available for this course:
      OCN Non accredited – Tongue-tie & Infant Feeding Course – 5.75 L CERP’s 
      OCN Level 3 – Tongue-tie & Infant Feeding Course – 5.75 L CERP’s 
      OCN Level 4 – Tongue-tie & Infant Feeding Course – 8 L CERP’s

      Who is this Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding course for?

      Babycare Professionals
      Babycare specialists such as Maternity Nurses, Night Nannies, and Doulas who want to deepen their knowledge with current evidence-based practice and who want to explore options and strategies to support clients and their babies with new and unresolved issues related to having a tongue-tie.
      Childcare and Health professionals
      Childcare professionals such as Childminders, and Health Professionals who support families with babies within a childcare setting, home setting or a clinic and are keen to deepen their knowledge, regarding evidence-based practice relating to infants with tongue-tie.
      IBCLC’s and Breastfeeding Counsellors
      Professionals supporting parents with parents with infant feeding issues and who are looking to further their knowledge in areas such as tongue-tie.
      Other Professionals
      Professionals who have baby experience and are looking to advance their knowledge in the care of infants and have a particular interest in tongue-tie.

      What’s included in the Tongue-tie and infant Feeding Course

      Module 1

      Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding
      • Definition of tongue-tie?
      • Incidence of tongue-tie in infants
      • Impact of tongue-tie on infant feeding

      Module 2

      How to identify a potential tongue-tie in an infant
      • Issues with screening and diagnosis of tongue-tie in infants
      • Signs and symptoms of tongue-tie
      • Assessment of tongue-tie

      Module 3

      Treatment of tongue-tie in infants
      • The procedure used for treating tongue-tie in infants and its history
      • Evidence supporting division of tongue-tie in infants with feeding difficulties
      • Potential complications of the procedure

      Module 4

      Supporting families with babies with tongue-tie
      • Helping parents to access diagnosis and treatment
      • Strategies to help mothers to continue to breastfeed pre and post division
      • Fostering realistic expectations of treatment

      Module 5

      Myths and controversies
      • Posterior tongue-ties and faux tie
      • Lip tie and buccal ties
      • Recurrence of tongue-tie – causes and prevention
      • The differences between laser and scissor division (and the myth that laser treatment is superior)

      OCN Level 3 & 4 Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding Course

      Course leader Sarah Oakley IBCLC & Tongue-tie Specialist, with contributions from Osteopath Louise Beland and Speech & Language therapist Mags Kirk
      Lyndsey Hookway
      Sarah Oakley Independent HV, IBCLC, and Tongue-tie Practitioner
      Sarah Oakley’s background is in community and practices nursing and health visiting. In 2009 she left the NHS to focus on breastfeeding and set up a private practice having qualified as in International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In 2011 she trained at Southampton to perform frenulotomy and has done over 3000 procedures privately since. She regularly provides training healthcare professionals and breastfeeding supporters in infant feeding and tongue tie and continues to run two breastfeeding support groups. She is a founder member and former Chair of The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners.
      Lyndsey Hookway
      MAGS KIRK – Speech and Language Therapist
      Mags Kirk is a Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in assessing and treating children with a wide range of speech, language and feeding difficulties. Mags has a Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and has a passion for working with children who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, having qualified in Talk Tools (level 3), PROMPT (bridging), PECS, Makaton level 4, Lidcombe Stammering, Verbal Behaviour (ABA), Bobath approach (Cerebral Palsy), Dysphagia management and Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Therapy.

      Mags has contributed to the level 4 course, and explores the impact of tongue-tie on speech and language.

      Lyndsey Hookway
      Louise Beland B.Sc. (Honours) Osteopathy, PGCHE, FSCCO
      Louise Beland is an Osteopath and Tongue-tie Practitioner who also specialises in infant feeding issues, musculoskeletal problems in adults and children and pregnancy related musculoskeletal problems (SPD, PGP).

      Louise has contributed to the level 4 course, and explores how osteopathy can support an infant with tongue-tie.

      Flexible Payment Plans

      We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


      Non-accredited Instalment Plan:

      Level 3 Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding Course

      Level 3 Instalment Plan:

      Level 4 Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding Course

      Level 4 Instalment Plan:

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much time does it take to complete the Tongue-tie and infant Feeding Course?
      We estimate that it will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete the online learning material. If you have opted to complete the accreditation we estimate that this will take approximately 20-30 hours of learning.
      What is the difference between the different levels?
      The level 3 course include all 5 core modules outlined above. Once candidates have completed the OCN level 3 Tongue-tie and Infant feeding course, they will be required to complete the OCN Level 3 assessment paper, which consists of a number of essay based questions. Once successfully completed candidates will receive a level 3 accreditation through Open College Network London (OCN) in the Tongue-tie and Infant feeding. The level 4 course includes 3 additional recorded modules which have been created in partnership with Speech and Language Therapist, Obstetrician and a Dentist. Candidates completing the level 4 Tongue-tie and Infant feeding course are also required to complete the level 4 assessment (different to the level 3 assessment). On completion of completing this course candidates will receive a level 4 accreditation through Open College Network London (OCN) in the Tongue-tie and Infant feeding. Candidates are welcome to move between levels. Please contact the office on 0208 986 9008 for more information regarding this.
      What happens when I sign up?

      Once you successfully make payment, you will receive a receipt. Within 10 minutes, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully enrolled onto the Tongue-tie and Infant feeding course. You will also be sent a welcome email. Should you not receive the confirmation email, please send an email to info@babyem.co.uk Alternatively please call: 0208 986 9008.

      Will I be assessed during the course?
      Each module (topic) consists of a number of lessons, and most lessons have sub-lessons. After each of the lessons you will be required to complete short multiple choice questions. You are required to achieve 80% in each of the lessons to pass, however, you are able to retake those tests. Therefore, if you do not pass, you keep retaking until you do! This part of the course is not assessed and there to support you to digest the course information. If you have opted to complete the assessment paper at level 3 or level 4 awarded through Open College Network you will be required to complete a series of essay based questions which relate to the course content.
      Can I talk to you throughout the program?
      Yes! You can contact us through the chat service, by email, Skype or feel free to call. We have also set up a facebook group specifically for attendees completing this course, which is where you can ask your tutors questions and network with other course members.
      Are there any prerequisites before attending this course?
      Before signing up for the Tongue-tie and Infant feeding course, you are required to have:

      • A good level of conversational English. The course is taught in English and assignments must be completed in English.

      In order to complete the online modules candidates are required to have the following in place:

      • Internet access and a working email address
      • Up to date internet browser such as: Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer/Safari/FireFox.
      • Ability to hear audio/video via your computer
      • Use of a computer to study the course – tablets and smartphones are not advisable for studying.
      What people are saying about our OCN level 3 & 4 Tongue-tie & Infant Feeding Course.
      “I really valued the insights I gained on this course. As an IBCLC and NHS tongue tie specialist midwife, I found it to be a thorough, well researched informative training course. I would highly recommend it especially to fellow midwives, health visitors, paediatric and neonatal nurses, doctors and anyone with a keen interest in restrictive lingual frenulum (tongue tie). Sarah has a huge knowledge base on the subject which she shares here. She is honest about what we do not yet know, and about the myths and controversies involved in the subject.”
      Luisa Lyons (Registered Midwife & IBCLC)
      “This course on tongue tie is very comprehensive. It addresses all the common questions, concerns and misconceptions around tongue tie in a factual and easy to digest way. I have enjoyed working my way through it and would highly recommend to health professionals and anyone supporting infant feeding. ”
      Fiona Munro-Muotune (IBCLC, Registered Nurse & Health Visitor)
      “This course came at a good time, having just supported a family where the baby had a posterior tongue-tie which wasn’t obvious, and something both parents had as children. As a result of taking this course I feel more confident that I can inform, advise and signpost parents who have concerns.” Tolani Fajobi (Maternity Nurse)
      “This course was a real eye opener for me, especially looking at how tongue-tie effects both bottle-fed and breastfed babies! The course was well put together and I now feel better able to support the families I’m working with.”
      Kadi Leppik (Maternity Nurse & Breastfeeding Support Worker)
      “The course is detailed and analytic and I especially enjoyed the wealth of supporting strategies and videos with Sarah Oakley which demonstrated her extensive experience and passion for the subject.
      As a result of this course, I feel better equipped to support mums and their infants throughout their breastfeeding journeys and highly recommend this course for all professionals support families and infants.”
      Doris Nginis (Maternity Nurse)
      “I felt this course give me a good understanding of tongue-tie and how it impacts a child’s ability to feed as well as other areas such as speech – which was fascinating. I found the course to be very detailed and the videos and quizzes made it easy to digest that information. I was hesitant to sign up to an online course as I prefer face to face learning, but this far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it.”
      Dora Sanvee (Childcare Support Worker)
      “I found the level 3 Tongue Tie & Infant Feeding Course to be very informative and useful for my clients as it not only highlights the variety of signs of symptoms of a tongue tie, but also the treatments for the condition. As a Maternity Nurse, it is essential that we able to support mothers and fathers through their newborn’s early stages.I believe knowing this information will allow me to prepare and fully inform prospective clients on how tongue-tie is diagnosed and treated, as well as the potential impact on feeding it may have and the after care treatments involved. I now feel much more confident in my knowledge of the condition and how to support parents with a child who has a tongue-tie.”
      Charlotte Hindmarsh (Maternity Nurse)

      Our risk free 14-day money back guarantee

      We are deeply committed to supporting you in your journey as a professional supporting parents and their infants. With a team of highly skilled specialists supporting you, we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals. As a training team, we have supported thousands of childcare professionals in the UK and internationally. Through our consultancy service, we have supported agencies internationally, to develop their training, developing policies and procedures and coaching them to success. However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days and decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!